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by Alison Stormwolf

phoenixSeems SO long ago, I was a little girl
A little girl, who dreamt big dreams,
Rode on invisible horses and saw fairy people
Under every moss covered log.
And always was my horizon a place of wonder!

All too soon, I matured and had to embrace
That uninspiring realm of the “grown ups!”
Had to leave behind, in a safe place, my treasures.
Never knowing the day or time of recovery
And my horizon became a place of uncertainty

After many years, riding the wild breakers of life
I married a man, and tried to paint my life
On my personal canvas, but the paint was inferior
It refused to blend in, the finished product spoke volumes,
And my horizon became my prison

The breaking free was terrible and costly
Half my feathers were ripped out, especially those for flight
With damaged wings and no nest, I faced the night
I fought off the scavengers and predators
And my horizon slowly drowned in tears

In time my strength returned, flight feathers grew
And in the dawn of my resurrection, I spread new wings
And beat against a scarlet sky, a phoenix reborn
I called out in the stillness of my new morning
“I am alive! I have survived!”
And my sun rose in welcoming, loving light

From over the distant hills, as my eyes narrowed
Blinking from the unaccustomed beauty
My heart beat in my chest from joy
And my horizon sparkled
With undiscovered potential!

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork courtesy & © Daniel B. Holeman,
Visionary Artist - Awaken Visions.

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