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Night's Reflections (Thoughts Of A Star Being)
by Alison Stormwolf

thoughts of a star beingIn that exquisite stillness
Of the deep night
When stars themselves have retired
To brighter pastures
and with them
Memories, of another day gone by,

There I lie in my darkness,
There, I return to my thoughts
And in the returning, consider all
Yes, all my nights
In this dark hall,

                           Hall of mirrors,
                          Hall of memories
                          Confront my past,
                          Give thanks... move on.
                          Meditate on my breathing,
                                                    Out and in
I am encased within
This mortal skin.

I must not stall,
Must not give in...

Tomorrow arrives at my door,
Wrapped in velvet,
Sheathed in lace.... or dirt
I help her in,
No matter her attire
My inner thoughts....
Once dark and hidden,
Are subject to the light once more.

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork courtesy of & copyright Daniel B. Holeman,
Visionary Artist - Awaken Visions.

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