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Night Angel
by Alison Stormwolf

night angelSteal quietly into my dark room
I have almost vacated
This earthly form
This flesh and blood prison,
Taken my leave again tonight.

As the gates of breath, open
Releasing my captive soul
Clasp my hand in yours,
Such blissful spiritual fusion.

Ethereal light floods the room
Transforming shadows, darkness
I rise to greet you joyfully
Sweet being of light.

Take me back again
Back to where I used to be
Where my heart knew no pain
Embrace me as I enter that world.

For I can face anything
When your wings enfold me
No excuses, no explanations
Total simple acceptance.

As dawn's new light
Streaks across another sky
And I do not want to return...
Gently encourage me.

It will not be SO long now
I have to endure my reality,
Dim memories slowly brighten
The sun is shining somewhere....

Over the rainbow bridge.

© Alison Stormwolf



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