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My Demon
by Alison Stormwolf

my demonSuch a fragile truce have I reached
With my arch enemy who stalks me
Lies in wait for any sign of weakness
Or better still….. misfortune

So that he can make himself
Known once more
Gloating and smirking
At my constant attempts
To be free and happy,

What the hell did I do
At some distant past
To deserve his constant attention?
Maybe I am disabled in some way
Born without that extra layer of skin
Which gives the majority protection?

Sensitivity such as mine is more a curse
The ‘Thicker Skinned’ seem to fare
So much better
In this Earthly environment.

I sometimes think
I have shown him the door,
Permanently, put down my portcullis
Just to be doubly sure
Against future assaults.

But no sooner have I turned around
In my false security
I see him skulking in the shadows
Safely protected
By my own inner defences.

And so, we have struck a truce,
I will acknowledge him as the devious devil
He undoubtedly is,
Give him some credit
But that is all, I know his guises
I know his battle plans and laser eyes
For my weaknesses,
The chinks in my emotional armour.

I can never afford to be anything less
Than vigilant in the extreme, to all his ploys,
But the’ being aware’
At least gives me some recourse
I am no longer the sitting duck,
Helpless victim
Yes, I know my enemy well, too well!

While I live and breathe
He will hover forever in my shadows
Faithfulness and loyalty

Of the darkest kind.

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork © Christophe Vacher.

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