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Moonlight Promise
by Alison Stormwolf

moonlight promiseWill you come to me in the moonlight?
I am waiting at that old Scots Pine
Majestically standing in dark sillouette
On the edge of the wood in the night.

My breath is heavy in the frosty air
As fire runs in my eyes shine

With the truth in my naked soul.
And the dark, cold wind in my hair.

And the ground sparkles and glistens
With a million ice diamonds arrayed
And my spirit sings as it listens
To see my lost lover displayed

As I stand all alone in the moonlight
Bathed in her celestial glow
As the heat in my heart as I linger
Almost melts the ghostly, white, snow,

Hanging softly with mystical silence
Bringing pine needled branches down low
Bowing deeply with natural reverance
To kiss icy ground there below

For you know I am found in the moonlight
Yes, closer to you than your prayers,
Closer to you than my whisper,
Uttered in dead of night as you slept

More intimate than your own heartbeat
Nearer to you than my sigh
Entwined together for always
As so often our bodies would lie

My essence contained and distilled
In the shimmering silver from high
Raining down as night time confetti,
Drifting silently down from the skies.

A heavenly shower, a blessed caress
To the one I will never forget
From the one who loved you so deeply
For our love I could never regret...

I will wait for you in the moonlight
Yes, I'll wait till my last breath has gone
Wait as my 'mother' so gracefully
Sails the stars untill dawn,

Time and again, floats in star time
And night hands his treasures to day…
Or life surrenders to death...
I will wait, though my time pass away

So think of me in the moonlight
Where ever life has directed your sails,
Whatever has been your experience
In love or in fortune or health...

Especially on cold frosty mornings
Or even on warm, balmy nights
Like under that old Texas moon......
When together our spirits took flight.

As you take your eyes up to the heavens
And see Mother Moon there above
There you always can find me
There shall I be, oh, my love!

So never forget that I love you
As I always assured you I would
"A promise made is a debt unpaid."
And my words always were true and good

So look for me in the moonlight
I am standing at that distant wood
With a dream in my heart
and your kiss on my lips
Let your soul rest with me...

As it should.






© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork courtesy & © Daniel B. Holeman,
Visionary Artist - Awaken Visions.

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