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More Spiritual Poems For The Awakening Soul
by Alison Stormwolf

More Inspirational spirituality poems by Alison Stormwolf - spiritual poetry from Spirit, of Spirit, for the soul - sacred inspirational writings to awaken the soul.

Note: Please do not take and use any of my poetry without prior permission and linking instructions.


The Apprentice

“What would you have me do?”
Said the apprentice to her Shaman
“I would have you wash your brothers'
And sisters wings in that stream
Then set them out to dry in the noon day sun”

“So, when the washing and the drying be done
We gather as one united army
Collected together by more than mere chance
Cleansed and renewed by cosmic reverence
We sit with gossamer wings and await instructions?”
She asked

“Take ye up to that distant hill, my dear ones
For I know the feelings of your hearts
And I hear the melodies of your un- sung songs
And I will send a warm breeze to fill your wings
And take my loved ones to a new gathering place
Oh! Hurry now….spread out those wings
And be gone”………………

The apprentice nodded
For she knew this was not
The end….
But a joyous new
And so it proved
To be

© Alison Stormwolf


Night Sky Mother

Waxing Gibbeous
93% of full
Lunar power,
Now is the time
to make your requests
Ask the heavens
for your heart’s desire
Do not confuse yourselves
by asking “How?”
Creator does not deal
with trifles

wolfHer belly is full
With your dreams
Oh, how she speaks to me
Comfort she dispenses
Eternal joy of her light
Upon me

Once the child
Now the woman
Soon the crone

of my night sky
of woman’s wisdom
I love you with the purity
Bequeathed on me
When I took form

Unbreakable stare
Deep, deep stillness
Weeping tears of joy
For something
I do not

© Alison Stormwolf


The Path Ahead

I am not yet dead
Therefore I cannot be dismissed
As one who tried and failed
Some sad victim of fate

I am not yet dead
For I feel the life blood surging
Deep inside this neglected body
This abstract work of art

I am not yet dead
So while the breath rises in me
And the urge to write remains
So, too will my heart contract

I am not yet dead
Though almost dead have I been
Still the wraith wandered in my dreams
Prompted me onwards
Though my hope be almost gone

I am not yet dead.

© Alison Stormwolf


Strange Worlds

strange worldsElusive dawn!
I caught you this morning,
I could not sleep
And so I came through
To sit in your silence...

I saw you rise
Above my trees
In dark tones of majesty
And hidden new beginnings.
I wondered, just how many
More times will I see you
Rise like that,
With these eyes?

I have seen
A world with
Several moons
Where dawn does not break
But neither does night come.
Perpectual twilight, soft, gentle
But beautiful never the less
Yes, I have been there,
Walked and wondered at
Those strange moons.

Breeds contempt"
Some say... but I could never
Have contempt for Mother Earth
Though she is familiar
So also is she very special
Very much loved,
By this daughter.

And yet...
I long for the world
With several new moons,
Where anything is possible
And the changing light
Is always ethereal
and haunting.
The inhabitants
clothed in light!
They cast no shadows,
Yes, no shadows
do they cast!

For there,
There is no darkness
Either physical,
Or in man’s mind!
A world beyond duality
A strange place indeed,
Hauntingly familiar
Achingly absent
My waking,

(experiences in lucid dreaming)

© Alison Stormwolf


Butterfly Dreams

How I long to sqeeze my being
From this cloying, dead coccoon,
Wet and squashed, into the sun
There I'll rest while gentle heat
Dries my ugly, crumpled form
Lie, until the change complete
Slowly, as my wings unfold
Brilliant colours are exposed
Vibrant shades of blue and gold.

Then I'll stretch my wings to fly
Flutter upward to the light
Off into the azure sky
How I yearn for that delight!
Never to return or care for
Empty shell still hanging there.
Born anew from what was dead
Floating on in summer air
Jewelled, gossamer wings are spread.

Free at last to swoop and dive
Metamorphosis complete
Joyfully and SO alive.

© Alison Stormwolf


Preparation for things to Come

There are still some races to run
For a noisy spirit untied my feet
Hog tied from years of crying
And my eyes once sharp as eagles
Now see with new softer light
Into the shadows that would take me

There is still a sun in the sky
Though it is setting through
Such beautiful autumn leaves
Yet is my spirit still reviving
Laughing and crying at the shedding of
Worn out greenery,
Softly exposing…
Naked branches, naked thoughts
How many more seasons
Will I see
With these eyes?

A few more valleys to travel
A few more journeys...
Come close now, my helpers
For I am not finished yet
Though there is a new weariness...

Like reading the same old story for too long
Come, help me turn the page
Hibernation calls me, to regenerate
All that is in me
For A Terrible Winter is coming to Earth
And there will be much
To be done.

© Alison Stormwolf


The Wisdom of the Weeds

I looked down on the ugly thorn
Sprung in defiance from a threadbare weed
As I stemmed the blood which flowed
From the gash in my tender skin
I asked
“What do you offer to this hurting world?
For you have neither beauty of form
Nor sense of grace!”

It answered me
“I was sprung out of the soil
Of your indifference
I grew up in the shadow of your disapproval,
One day it rained heavily
I saw myself in the puddle at my feet
And I cursed my being and my ugliness
And so I wanted to hurt back”

I studied the weed in its defiance
I saw and heard the wisdom of the ages
So I made a vow to it and me
“You are more prized among the wild flowers
For you have truth among your thorns
And you have humility among your wayward leaves"

"Indeed you are the Flower of the Forest
For what you have revealed to me."
And I went on my way rejoicing
And my feet were careful where they fell
I did not mind the flowers
For they held their own truth

But the weeds……
I knew them well.

© Alison Stormwolf


Questions and Answers

questions and answersAnd I asked the radiant moon
Sailing above
In ever lasting mystery
"When was he mine?
When did we meet?
Why did you
almost erase that memory
But not quite?"

And she answered
"I left that seed
Deep inside your soul
So that you would always
Feel that longing
To connect
To acknowlege
Your true nature"

And so I look
and I listen
In the still night air
And somewhere
In my mind,
Or longing
I hear the distant sound
The haunting howl
Of my wolf....

© Alison Stormwolf

Artwork © Michel Bohbot
Fantasy Fine Art Galle


Meeting My Animus

Do not leave me here!
I may never find my way back
Either to your world
Or my own!

Besides, do not leave me anywhere!
For life is unbearably empty without you
I will perish
If I never see you face again
Feel your lips on mine again!

NO ONE in this life
Has been anything like you!
We speak of `soul mates'.
But do we really understand?

I am only half a soul without you!
We do not need words...
We are bound together for eternity

Your love envelops me
In a cloud of sparkling pink
The world is dark and threatening
I am safe in your arms!

Do not leave me here!
If we cannot find each other again
I have no desire
To return to my world
My place is with you!
We are one!


© Alison Stormwolf


Sacred Healing

A soul's malady requires a soul's remedy
No other medicine tackles the realm
Where life's hurts become scars
And your Life Force stagnates
While modern day 'Band Aids'
Fail to deal with the bleeding
And you quietly die of invisible wounds

Ignore' sophistication' and similar trivia
These will not help you here!
Enter the world where all is connected
Humble yourself in the work of the spirit
As your body vibrates with the rhythm of life
Your spirit surrenders with love and thanksgiving
And you KNOW what it takes to survive!

Seek out your rescuer, instinct will lead you!
Trust in the ways of the hearts of the ancients
Safe in the mysteries of countless life times
Distilled in the work of the spirit before you
Lay your self bare in your ignorant needing
Open yourself to the spirit of life!

For Jason with gratitude.

© Alison Stormwolf


Bedtime Prayer

This night as I lie down to sleep
I pray my dreams are not too deep;
And when I wake, don’t let me weep
For what has been denied me.

This night as I lie down to sleep,
Invoking angels charge to keep
Over all the lost, forgotten sheep,
And not forgetting me!

This night as I lie down to rest,
I am assured, I did my best
Comparing not to all the rest
Or what they seemed to be.

For when I close my eyes in prayer
I know without a doubt You’re there!
You know my heart, You are aware
And so that comforts me


© Alison Stormwolf


New Beginnings

Today I took the brave decision
to cast aside my mourning clothes
To let the sun shine on me once again
and learn to live and love once more.
For too long now I've felt such sorrow
Raindrops running down
the windows of my soul;
My heart was numbed,
an empty hollow
My eyes were dead,
my mind confused.

But nature has her ways of healing
The hardest pruned,
the richest fruit
And what seemed dead
can blossom fuller
due to The Gardener's shears;
And so I wait to see the bounty
of all the pain I have endured
Safe in His keeping and His pruning
I rest in Him,
my faith secured.

© Alison Stormwolf


Work In Progress

Not too long to go now
Or so I have been assured
By two different souls

Who have crossed my barren path
From different angles
But the confirmation from their mouths
Was blessed and welcome
As ice cold water
In a desert’s heat

This work in progress
Is coming together at last
This disjointed human jigsaw puzzle
Is starting to take on a recognisable form
All the years of loss.........

All the separation from those very things
Which were hindering my journey
I just had not the vision…
At that time

Just a few more
Bends in the road

Another few
Blind summits to walk

Oh, how my pride had to be slain

My bloody mindedness SO hindering
Those very things
I hoped to achieve

Jesus tells us
If any man want to sue us

For our shirts….....
Let them have our coats as well!
(And our designer clothes
And our diamond rings, fancy cars)

To laugh at my predicament
And to give thanks
For my heavenly chatisement.....
For poverty of the spirit
Is a thousand times worse
Than lack of material things.

And looking back
Over my journey
I can see His hand on me
Every step of the way.

© Alison Stormwolf


Fear’s Road

Fear looks around, furtivly, sneakily
Fear lives on dead bones,
Feasts on the prayers of tomorrow
Fear is enlivened by “bad news!”
Licks it’s blue lips, swallows shallowly
Slithers out of the shadows

Oh yes! Fear does not have to go searching
It waits for the bounty of broken dreams
It relishes the heartache of despair
Trouble is, I know its composition
So therefore I am it’s creator and its destroyer

I can stop it in its tracks,
Deny its sustenance
Fear has been apprehended
As the bandit of the optimistic,
The Raider of Soul
I am ‘The Watcher,’ Fear has to find
Another route.

© Alison Stormwolf

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