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Spiritual Poems For The Awakening Soul
by Alison Stormwolf

A collection of Inspirational spirituality poems from the level of Spirit and Soul. Poetry from Spirit, of Spirit, for the awakening soul - sacred inspirational writings, profound, deep & true.

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Note: Please do not take and use any of my poetry without prior permission and linking instructions.


Meditation On Self

Who am I?
I am not my name
For my name was bestowed on me by others

Who am I?
I am not my body
For my body is of the earth and to the earth returns

Who am I?
I am not my reflection
That is just a fleeting mirror image of my vessel.

Who am I?
I am not my thoughts
For my thoughts are changing as the seasons

Who am I?
I am not my actions
For actions can be disguises to fool others.

Who am I?
I am not my emotions
My emotions swing like a weathercock in the wind.

I am eternal energy, God's child
And a priceless piece of the jigsaw!

© Alison Stormwolf


Spirit Guide

It’s not so much I want to die
I'm just so tired of living
I give so much that’s not returned
I just got tired of giving

Oh, place your head upon my knees
And I will stroke your hair
I’ll take away those doubts and fears
You’ll see I really care

I know you mean the best for me
I know that you mean well
But you cannot see into my heart
Or mind, where I’m in hell!

I know I just look on my dear
I know you suffer so
With all my will and all my might
I’ll make those demons go

I get so weary all the time
I lie in dead of night
Tormented by my foolish fears
And am I wrong or right?

You lie alone, of that I know
And oft your heart is seared
By all the trials, all the pains
So many nightmares, feared

In all that’s true
You know me well
You strive to aid my pain
But sometimes I descend to hell
And scared to rise again

But rise again my dear you will
As new song from the grave
And by your openness of heart
So many souls you’ll save

I hate this yoke! I hate this pain!
Remove it from me now!
I only want the normal things
I’ve just forgotten “how?”

I cannot take it, ‘You Who Mourns’
But this much I will vow
For every soul you help to light
For every scar you bear
There’s warm arms waiting
Somewhere now
And in those arms you’ll share.

Oh take me in your loving arms
And rock me sound to sleep
I’ll trust in you
And carry on
Let my

© Alison Stormwolf


The Astral Traveller

astral travellerI have walked
Among the living
And the dead
So much life I found
In some quarters of the dead
So much death among
So many of the living

For it’s a strange world indeed
That we inhabit
And for those of us
Who “lucid dream”
A perplexing one
Where boundaries are blurred
And what is real is no more so
But what is not considered “real”
Becomes so.

© Alison Stormwolf

Artwork © Christophe Vacher.


Don’t tell me to 'grow up'
Or worse still
'Act my age'
The world is full of those
Whose connection to the magical realm
Whose blind allegiance to
Follow and not think
Confines them in a prison
Of their own making

No, don’t tell me to act my age
For what age is that?
Does that entail denying?
All the wonder in my soul
To become a clone of others?
To turn away from my own magnificence
And relegate my 'self'
To the bargain basement
Of second hand dreams
Second hand teachings
And worn out expectations
Of all I can achieve?

I cannot act my age!
But…. I can ‘live’ my age
Proud of the knowledge gained
Reaching out to others to lend a hand
As so many hands have been extended
To this often weary traveller

I am learning to fall in love
With myself, my total being
It has been a hard battle to fight
Why on earth would I chose to lose
All of that!
In order to
'Act my age?'
Do we suddenly go through
Some hidden portal?
Which paralyses our minds and thinking
At some pre destined time
To become.... acceptable?

Oh no!
Do not ever expect that of me
For, from the first time I lay back
Observing the sky
In early childhood
And realised I was contained
In flesh and bone
So the realisation dawned
I was alive and so
Had some task to achieve

Well, it was never going
To be made real
By blending in,
Becoming inconspicuous
No! It was to be found
In searching and searching
Probing, scaling new heights
Falling to new lows,
Entering into places
I did not want to go…..
But had to endure
In order to be able to say
“Been there, done that.”
Do NOT ask me
To act my age.
For I am
As old
As time itself.

© Alison Stormwolf


My New Dawn

Done, done, done is the day

Put with my treasures, safely away
Gone, gone, gone is my past
Buried in deep earth, buried at last

Give me a new song, one with great joy
Give me a new heart, that none can destroy
Wake me with gladness, rock me with love
Shelter me always, beautiful dove

Spirit of new birth, spirit of power
Come, Holy Spirit, enter this hour
Never forsake me, never let go
I am your daughter,
Let your light show.

© Alison Stormwolf


Red Dawn

For such a little time
We dance upon this earth
For just a fleeting second
Can our song be heard

Oh give me such sweet notes
Such melodies and steps
That always will my path remain
For those I leave behind...

For time is fleet of foot
And my dance has just begun
Yes, I stumbled
And my voice
Was heard
Crying in the caves
Of my disappointments

But I have a new song now
A Power song...and Spirit dance
So, in the days to come
I am to be found
In every new red dawn
Calling, calling,
Dancing, dancing

Until my time
Be gone……

© Alison Stormwolf


Divine Presence

He came to me in the morning

As His laughter rang in my ears
Get up! Get Up the day is young
Rise NOW and damn your fears!

Well, He came to me in the midday

As I wandered all forlorn
Move on, Take heed!
I heard him shout
Before this day be gone..

He returned to me in the afternoon

As the sun began to sink
Lift up your head, walk tall and proud
Who cares what others think?

Then, He came to me in the evening

He told me I’d done my best
He placed His arms around my form
In Him I’ll take my rest…

© Alison Stormwolf



Seems SO long ago, I was a little girl
A little girl, who dreamt big dreams,
Rode on invisible horses and saw fairy people
Under every moss covered log.
And always was my horizon a place of wonder!

All too soon, I matured and had to embrace
That uninspiring realm of the “grown ups!”
Had to leave behind, in a safe place, my treasures.
Never knowing the day or time of recovery
And my horizon became a place of uncertainty

After many years, riding the wild breakers of life
I married a man, and tried to paint my life
On my personal canvas, but the paint was inferior
It refused to blend in, the finished product spoke volumes,
And my horizon became my prison

The breaking free was terrible and costly
Half my feathers were ripped out, especially those for flight
With damaged wings and no nest, I faced the night
I fought off the scavengers and predators
And my horizon slowly drowned in tears

In time my strength returned, flight feathers grew
And in the dawn of my resurrection, I spread new wings
And beat against a scarlet sky, a phoenix reborn
I called out in the stillness of my new morning
“I am alive! I have survived!”
And my sun rose in welcoming, loving light

From over the distant hills, as my eyes narrowed
Blinking from the unaccustomed beauty
My heart beat in my chest from joy
And my horizon sparkled
With undiscovered potential

© Alison Stormwolf



Be still
Do not fear..
My mind
Has journeyed
To such
Has seen such
Heartbreaking beauty
It can scarce
Contain it…

Beyond deserving,
I have danced,
Into the bliss
Of the blessed,
I have seen
The Shining Ones!

My darkness
Has been pierced
I have been
Given glimpses...
To sustain me

© Alison Stormwolf


I Am

I am to be found
Within the smallest seed
I lie in sweet repose
In winter’s iron ground
I spring forth in dazzling light
In nature I abound

I am to be found
In a new born baby’s cry
An old man’s last soft breath
The age’ds weary eye…
The mystery of death
The heart suffused with pain
The mourners bitter tears.
You do not cry in vain.

I am to be found
In the lover’s warm caress
In sunset’s molten glow
In twilights sweet redress
In dawns ethereal light
In deepest inky night
Through all your fears and woes
When fate runs you a-ground..
Yes, even in that pit of doom
Still! even there, I’m found.

I am to be found
Within all things I made
Each feathered bird in flight
Each tiny creeping thing
I live within your heart
I’m in the song you sing
I’m everywhere you look
I’m where you cannot see
So rest and be assured
Your soul
Is safe

© Alison Stormwolf



Nearer, draw nearer
Someone is praying
Quietly fold your wings
Subdue your ethereal light
Merge with the room

Drawn from the great divide
Your purpose to fulfil
Intently listening
Silent, invisible audience
Awesome and powerful
Magnificent presence

Messengers from heaven
Helpers in trying times
Subduing reality, unearthly comforters
I bask in your holy company

© Alison Stormwolf

The Invisible Helpers

I am a creature of the night
I did not chose to be this way..
It just happened.

There is something about
The sheltering darkness
Some mystical intimacy
Between me and my maker
yes, and all those gone before
And guardian angels....
Spirit guides

Something which the day
Cannot afford to relinquish
But for some reason
The night is happy to,
Sometimes it seems
Almost crowded
Round my bed

It is during those dark hours
I do my one way exchange
Tell Him all my hopes,
dreams and unfinished
Prayers of intercession
Liberally seasoned with
New Age white light
Spiritual affirmations
Deep breathing...

Then I listen intently
In the hope of some reply
Some divine guidance
For His lost daughter

You see,
I leave no stone unturned
Nor any potential avenue
Of spiritual help
I have a foot in both worlds
That is my choice
And my protection

So that when the wings
Of sleep bear me up
And away from Earth
I know I am in safe hands
For the only solitude
Or loneliness I have
Is what can be seen
With the naked eye.

© Alison Stormwolf


Dialogue With Spirit

I asked myself in the darkness
"Why do I live?"
A voice replied
"It was your choice"

"How can that be?
I would have chosen very differently to this!"
"You had the chance, you chose 'this'"
"Surely, once chosen and lessons learnt
I can cross the road and walk in another direction?"
"No, you cannot!
We have more to do than cater to the whims of human nature!"

"But I have learned my lesson, I CAN change!"

"Then do so, but within this life span!
The sun rises; the sun sets
your soul rises, your soul sets."

"Time is not linear as you see it
we grieve with you in your suffering
But we rejoice in the advancement of your soul
Close your physical eyes
Open your spiritual perception
Your sorrows and challenges
Are your gifts from the spirit"

"Do not withdraw and curse them
Embrace humanity, your pain and live!
Enter the Tornado and find the centre of calm
Confront your shadow side and welcome it
Into the whole being that you created"

"Dive deeply into your torment
Till the coldness and the blackness
And the host of horrors almost stops your heart
And you cannot see the exit sign.
Then accept it all as part of yourself…

Open your door
And welcome home your Prodigal Son
The one you sent away many years ago
Because he did not fit in
To your immature and limited thinking"

"You embrace the suffering of the human condition
in doing so, nothing more can scare you
you are part of it… is part of you
Become whole again, fragmentation is not our way!
The under privileged black man is you!
As is the infested tramp
Or the urine soaked 'wino' behind the garbage bins!
We share the web in different disguises
When you cry, we suffer;
Murder is a loss to all, regardless of colour or creed"

Then I answered....

"Take me in your arms and rock me
And I will cry out with a loud voice
That will shake the mountains
And echo over the arid plains
Till my body is exhausted and my arms are bruised
For all the injustices done to men and animals
Past, present and future
It may not bring them back, restore their dignity
But the love behind the action,
The intention of my heart
May make the stones weep
Or the hunter lay down his spear!"

© Alison Stormwolf


The Watcher

the watcherI stand at the gate and watch
I do not sleep, I take my turn
Through all the dark, still hours
Yes, those times when fear grips our souls
And terror rises up like a cobra ready to strike

As that cold, clammy hand of dread
Clutches desperately at our hearts
Strangles our throats to silence our prayers
While his hideous face grins in our inner vision
Ridiculing our attempts to banish him

But banished he will be!
For the watcher is alert and powerful
Takes the task in hand as Holy ritual
Never betrays the trust bestowed by those in need
Is sentinel till break of dawn

So be still and accept yourself
Especially in the dead of night
In that sacred place bestowed on you
By the Creator who knows
In His infinite wisdom, the soul apart
Has to have the silence in order to grow

And the Watcher will never neglect her duties
To those who ask.

© Alison Stormwolf

About This Poem:
In a field of horses, all sleep while one takes the task of standing alert. In this way the herd is safe from anything that could strike while they are vulnerable. In the same way, we can take on the task of "Watcher" for someone in need. We simply make a commitment in the spirit to watch over them during the dark hours of night which can so rob us of our courage.

Artwork © Christophe Vacher.

Dream Weaver

dreamweaverI lay down to weave me a lovely dream
As the moon hovered large in the sky
I asked that my life would be wonderful
As I lay in the dark with a sigh

I asked for all my heart could hold
I prayed for relief from the pain
Of trying to make things perfect,
As imperfect, they will always remain

I lay down to weave me a different dream
And my mind was as dark as the night
I let my dream body take leave of me
And venture on, up to the light

And all I asked were the reasons why
My life's been so incredibly hard
Why all my plans and dreams went wrong
Why my heart is so terribly scarred?

Lay down in the dark, my intention so plain
Lay down with my eyes open wide
Though, all I could sense was my pitch black room
And all I could feel was my pride

That I haven’t deserved what has happened to me
I have lived ‘a good life’ as I should
Then a phantom approached me and told me the truth
And his words were to me 'just as food'

“You have lived a good life. You have tried to fit in
And I know that your path has been hard”
“You have got a good heart, yes, we know that as well
But you have always to have the “Ace Card”

"Let go and let God! We know what you need
And now is the right place to start"
I awoke from my dream, but the voices remain
“Follow your heart…
Follow your heart…
Follow your heart!”

© Alison Stormwolf

Artwork © Christophe Vacher.


Self Discovery

Our lives are filled with strain and stress
We wander lost, our hearts a mess
We strive and fight, we know no rest.
Be lost no more

There’s so much more to fill our days
Than what our old conditioning says
As round and round our mind it plays
Be lost no more

There’s liberation to be found
When we have reached the higher ground
And in compassion looking round
Are lost no more

For trends and fashions do not last
They have their hour, and then it’s past
And soon into the fires are cast
Forever more

Acknowledge your own and special caste
The potter in the fire did blast
Unique and precious, made to last
Be lost no more

So find yourself and you will see
That what you are was meant to be
And pleasing in His sight are we
For now and ever more.

© Alison Stormwolf


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