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Shamanic Poems
by Alison Stormwolf

A collection of poetry by Alison Stormwolf of a shamanic nature - firewalking, prayers, sweat lodge, ceremony. The Shaman travels in 'non-ordinary reality' with the beat of the drum.

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Note: Please do not take and use any of my poetry without prior permission and linking instructions.



Hear me in the song I sing
Estranged but connected still
Here am I coming towards you now
Singing, singing in the red dawn
Sharing the connection
Yes your crows already told you
My people descended into drink too
Spirituality thwarted is agonising

Throw aside my skin
It no longer seves me
See my fur glistening in the frost
Hear my beating heart for you
Let us enter Grandmother together
That would be my greatest joy.

© Alison Stormwolf


In The Paths of my Totem

Intuition and insight
Comes to me as a thunder bolt
Shaking my foundations
And loosing my grip
On what I thought was security

My stubbornness cries "no
Not this time!"
But the small voice always wins in the end
Often by then it is too late

Some follow others
Some make their own tracks in virgin snow
Everyone to their own road

I narrow my eyes
Sniff the wind
Then move.

© Alison Stormwolf


Wise Woman

wolf_moonSomething whispered
In my subtle ear
And I tried
To brush it away
But experience has taught me
To listen
To the whispers
What affliction sets me apart
And high jacks my peace?

Daughter of the storms am I
Sister to the dogs that roam
Seeking shelter,
Seeking home
'Ancient Mother'
Calling always calling
In my bones.

© Alison Stormwolf


Return To The Pack

Come, climb into my wolf's skin
It’s not so hard,
Once you know how
You just have to accept that energy
That integrity, that says
I am Wolf
And you
are me….

Come, climb into the heart of me
for I am lying on the floor
So close to Mother Earth
I cannot lose her company
Her dignity

wolfFor what ever years are left to me
I am one in a way not yet
But feeling it all the same
Human but wolf
How can that be?
Wolves are so intelligent
Trail blazers

Come now Mother wolf
And let me suckle you,
Empower me
For I am of your pack
And no matter how I may try
To persuade myself
"It is not so"
Your eyes tell me of ancient things
Such precious things
And why I love you so.

Come now.
Mother wolf ...

© Alison Stormwolf


shapeshifterGrandfather Sings

Grandfather sings
And at once my heart is loosened
From these strange bonds I cannot understand
But I know,
He does

Grandfather sings
And at last I can relax, lay down
For his voice is medicine to me
He knows my fears
He laughs as he disperses
My enemies of the dark

Grandfather sings
and his voice may be heard by many
But he is only understood by me
Because he sang to me
In the cradle of deerskin and willow
He helped to make so lovingly
And his eyes
Never left my face
Or my soul

Such deep melodies from the heart
Ancient stories sung with love
And a voice which I recognise
Now as I am
After all this time
when Grandfather sings
‘Jumping Deer’

© Alison Stormwolf


Grey Wolf
Power Painting

Grey wolf
Looks and listens
Grey wolf
Sees all
He resembles
A disapproving grandfather
Keeping an eye
On a wayward child

His expression
Is piercing
Is one
Of intense alertness..

I should have refused the offer
To have his painting
On my wall?
Not a thing
Will go past
Those eyes…

Why do I feel
This nakedness of spirit?
Why do I shift
Uneasily in my chair?
He means no harm,
That I know
But… he has a purpose
He is
The"rounder up
Of wayward souls”
His vigilance
Unnerves me

His piercing stare
Robs me
Of any pretence
Of false piety
Hell, he nails me
To the very spot!

No way around
That ‘all knowing’ look
Grey wolf!
Grandfather Wolf
To my wall…..

© Alison Stormwolf

Some American Indian traditions believe that a part of the spirit is left in any work of art or work. Whether a song , painting or piece of needle work.

I have been given a wonderful painting of a grey wolf to hang in my house for a period.

Already I can feel his influence.


Singing The Bones Back Home

I will sing your bones back home,
Back into their rightful place
Far too long now thev’ve been gone
To some dark and distant place
Hiding out of sight from terror
I WILL find their resting place

I will sing a power song
Deep into the blackest night
I will shout it out in storms
I 'll sing the lullaby at night
No-one else shall EVER have them
I will be their guiding light

I will sing my warrior song
will get in my way
I will sing with voice of thunder
Fear and dread
Will cower away
Nothing, in this world shall hinder
My intention to retrieve
That which from your soul was plundered
Your soul's search I will relieve
Underworld I'll put asunder
Your soul bones
You WILL receive...

I will chant
Above the swell
Of the dark and raging sea
I will shout my song in hell
Will my song not be!

I will howl it at the moon
Then reverberate the stars
Haunting distant melodies will echo
Softly singing power tune
And my heart's
Incessant beating
Drums me on ..
Towards our meeting

Yes, I’ll sing
Your bones back home
To their rightful resting place
Your mother’s song will NEVER falter
Till those bones are home and safe
But they will not come alone
To your sacred,
Inner alter

Love and joy
Are their companions
Strength and courage
Filled with grace.
Never more
They shall desert you
They have found
Their resting place

Should cowardly souls
Confront you
You will meet them
Face to Face!

( For Steph)

© Alison Stormwolf

In Shamanism they talk of "soul loss" This occurs when a part of a person who has been terribly traumatised experiences a loss of a part of themselves due to the pain being too great to stay in the body.

The Shaman travels in 'non ordinary reality' with the beat of the drum and sings the soul out of hiding coaching it back to the person for completion


The Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony is sacred.
It is an honour to be included.
We start our preparations
In the preceding days,
We know we are going to be laid bare
Before our creator;

Therefore we need to acknowledge
Our responsibilities and respect
This most ancient rite,
Enter back into Grandmother’s womb
With reverence and gratitude
Think carefully of our prayers

Honour one another and our place
On the Path of the spirit
So that our re-emergence
Will be wholesome and meaning- full
And of benefit to our brothers and sisters
And ALL our relations.

© Alison Stormwolf


Prayer for my New Home

Come now! Yes come now
Light and good energy
Come now to cleanse this place
Eliminate old confused or dark
Vibrations, dampening down the fire
Of new growth and deliverance

Blessed power, Nature’s Father!
Bring your sweet new breath into this place
Activate the light which
Hovers with bated breath
At the entrance, to my new beginning
I open my doors to your blessings.

Oh yes! Sweep through
These walls and grounds, these hidden places
Leave no stone unturned, nor any tree unblessed
For I am coming into this sacred space
To honour the Mother Earth and all creation
And so let no dark thing, no fugitive from light
Be left in hiding. This is now sacred ground
For me and mine!

A hoh!

© Alison Stormwolf


The Firewalk

Hello, old friend!
Here we are again. You and me.
As always, I am uplifted as I gaze
Deep into your fiery depths,

The heat of your embers
Burns my face in sacred memory
Of your wonderous Creator and His gift to man

Dancer of the flames are you
Transmuter of energy
Element of great change!
Tonight I renew
A life long acquaintance!

Take our relationship,
Forged in childhood
To a whole new level,

I stand in reverance
Tongues of burning gold leap up
Light the inky night, teasing,
Warning of your Holy Nature
Of change and transformation
Warming my pounding heart

I wait impatiently
My feet sinking into the mud
As your red hot carpet
Is raked out with reverence

And, as the people sing
And the primordial beat of the drum
Invites my participation
I step out to walk you,
And as I do so, with Holy grace
I am aware of a mystical
Connection to ancient peoples
All over the world

Since the dawning of time
Who are joining me in spirit
As I take my joyous journey
From the old to the new.

Alison Stormwolf

About This Poem:
The "Firewalk" is an ancient ceremony going back into antiquity. We say prayers to God the maker of all that is. Then we walk over the fire in a ritualistic cleansing of all our negativity. Coming from a very religious background, I can only say that I believe the God who made the elements and knows us so personally, acknowleges his children in every way they try to approach Him!


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Shapeshifter Image by Diana Elizabeth Stanley

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