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More Love, Romance & Relationships Poems
by Alison Stormwolf

More from the collection of inspirational romantic love poetry by Alison Stormwolf - romantic love, soul love, spiritual partnership, marriage, romance, passion, yearning, longing, togetherness.

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The Barren Bed / Night Prayer

My nights are so..
Different now..
I lie on my back
And go through
The old routine
Taking my breathing
To different dimensions
To match the travels,
Of my dream body

Well, I have
To do something!
Transform my bed
Into a place of mystery
And excitement...
Once more...
Like it was...
When you were here.

And our spirits
Went soaring
To other dimensions
As we dissolved
Our boundaries
In mutual bliss...

Back then,
We took each other
Beyond the limits
Of comprehension

Holding on SO tightly
In case one of us
Should fall...
Should lose
Our foothold.......
And plummet down
From the ecstatic dimensions
We wove one another...
The sublime heights,
We scaled.

" God grant
That I may
Always travel
With exuberant joy
Always experience
The ultimate
In everything
I attend
For the mediocre,
Is like death to me
And a life
With out passion
Would be starvation
To my soul. "

© Alison Stormwolf


My Dark One

It is night once more
So I slip into your realm
Leaving this unbelieving world
In the fringes of my consciousness

Where are you my dark one?
Oh yes, there you are!
Come to me, encompass me
Kiss me in our wild, dark passion

I try, I really try
During our nocturnal encounters
Never to wake, never to float
Up to the surface of our erotic dream

I feel the morning encroaching
And I curse our separation
Because I have no say, NO power
To decide when you return

Lover of my dream time
Sweet man of the night
Who knows me SO well
Know just how much I desire you
As I wake to the morning
I feel you still beside me
My heart still beats like a wild bird

And my body aches for your return

© Alison Stormwolf


Dark Promises

darkk promisesI asked you in the darkness
As my fingers traced your lips
And my breath fell on you neck
“Can I reveal myself to you?”

Your grip came ever tighter
Your words like sweet blossoms
Anchoring me in that sublime
And exquisite caging;

You pledged yourself to me
And in that moment lost in time
As red mists consumed us both
I surrendered my boundaries entirely

Deep, dark and brooding is my night
Encased in that sublime velvet
Do my thoughts take root
Oh! Shield me from the daylight’s cleansing!

© Alison Stormwolf


Misplaced Love

I cannot bear it,
And yet I must
My every dream
Turned into rust
My heart is frozen,
My thoughts surreal
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I loved with all
My heart could hold
You were to me
like precious gold
Such love, such passion
In our kiss
Such wanton pleasure
Such sweet bliss...
Oh! Should I never
See your face again
Or hold you close
One thing is sure

I love you
As the day is new
I drop on you
As morning dew
I kiss you
As you go to sleep
And even there
Our treasures keep

I lie with you
In dead of night
No matter who
You cuddle close...

I kiss you
As you wake at morn
My arms surround you
Like a ghost

And this I’ll do
Through all my days
Though you have many
Different loves
I'll be beside you
Till I die
And even then...
Beside you lie

I said “I love you”
And I do
Through all the years
Apart from you
And should we never
Kiss again
My memories
Will see me through

So when I feel
The light grow dim
And fear assails me,
Come what may
I’ll take to mind
Your smilng face
And lying back
In smiles I’ll lay

A love so pure
I’ll go to Him,
My love secure.

© Alison Stormwolf


On Recognition of a Soul Mate

Pole-axed by love
Run through
By desire's lance
Kundalini unleashed
Soaring out of control
Bursting open the petals
Of my heart chakra
Like a celestial lotus
Starved of the sun too long

There he is!
There he is.....

© Alison Stormwolf


Through the Eyes of Love

So I looked at him
And I asked myself
“What do you see in this man?”
He is no Adonis
No undiscovered film star

No, he is more than the sum total
Of every good thing
Every major thing
I ever wanted in a man

I used to ask myself
How can that attraction be sustained?
Then I looked at him
And knew it would last forever

I used to wonder
Can I forsake all others?
Yes, even to the end of my life?
Then he smiled

And suddenly
All my questions


© Alison Stormwolf


Love's Mystery

My love is a magnetic field
Drawing me ever closer
Enfolded in your arms
I seek a closer union
The circle is complete
And still I hunger
To be all that you are
To lose myself in your being

For there, and only there
Am I whole!

© Alison Stormwolf



Kiss me
and take my
Out of my chest
With longing,

Hold me
As I melt
Into oblivion
A fragile mass
By desire

desire                                                                       Love me...
                                                                      Stand back
                                                                      Before this

                                                                      This total
                                                                      Enlivens my
                                                                      Roots of being,

                                                                      Strangles my
                                                                      Cries of “No!
                                                                      I am not ready!
                                                                      I fear love."

Save me
Before I fall
Into the well
Of unquenched passion
Lose my being
once and for all

Look at me
For I reflect you
In every way,

© Alison Stormwolf


Composite Man

My love is like a stallion
His inner beauty slays me
He takes me far above the clouds
When on his bed, he lays me

Such sweet delight
Is caught in sight
Of she who looks towards him
Such tenderness, as we undress
My eyes, they feast upon him

I melt into his loving arms
Our hearts so gently racing
As fiery darts his tongue imparts
While fingers do their they’re tracing....

My skin on fire...
As even higher he takes me
With his loving
I want the very scent of him
So strong, is my desire

Our kisses
Are both deep and sweet
As stronger grows our yearning
The world is lost! I cannot think
The Earth has stopped its turning….

He plays me like a violin
With exert nimble fingers
He knows my needs and passion feeds
As at my treasure lingers

Come, enter me! and set me free
From all those chains which bind me
For only in those blissful arms
Can my true spirit find me!

© Alison Stormwolf



Oh!, my sweet assasin!
Plunderer of my dreams
Where was your compassion?

The dichotomy of your mind
Of the fragility of my emotions
The total loving trust
Invested in you;

In those blissful,
Dreamy moments
After union
With the traces of you
Still in my body
And the taste of you
on my lips

Could you not
Have placed your hands
on my throat
and squeezed
My spirit free
Rather than surrender me
To this slow death?

To endure
This terminal emptiness?

Surely that would be
The kindest act?

For to die in your arms
Would have been
My dark heaven
And.... ultimately...

More loving!

© Alison Stormwolf


Stifled Commitment

Oh, I could tell you that I love you
But what difference can that make now?
My fate is hermetically sealed
I cannot love or trust again
Not in the measure of the past

Such a hard earned lesson!
I did not know the suffering potential
Of the loving soul rejected, abandoned
And with my new degree in humanities
It is too dangerous a path… for the likes of me

Still, I could tell you that I love you
For what harm can honesty and love inflict
As long as there are no false promises
Wrapped up in a velvet disguise
To make my words more
Palatable.., acceptable… real.
No talks of dreams fulfilled
Or happy endings…

If that would be acceptable to you
If my limitations are not too abhorrent
My inadequacy to trust, too off putting
Then, yes,
I could tell you
That I love you…..



What kind of man is he?
Who renders me mute with desire
Whose very being
Speaks to me of days long gone
And nights well used?

What kind of man is he?
Whose very thoughts elevate my own
In such sweet delight
And frees my imaginings
To soar on clouds of erotic bliss?

He is my day and night
He consumes me always
Yes, allows me to shed this skin
This mortal frame
And soar into the sky
Where we can meet
And our lovemaking can form
A new galaxy or milky way
Such a man is he...


The Visitor

Leave your clothes at the door
Look into my eyes
For we are about to make
Our own history...

Yes, in the times to come
In those dark nights
Or that lonely old age
Many times
Will we remember this.

You make my spirit sing
My body is on fire for you
My own sweet angel
My much loved man.

© Alison Stormwolf


Waking Dream

He descends to sleep, while I rise
From those misty depths
Where dreams are made
And realised.

Maybe I should remain
And seek him out
The fire in my heart
Lighting the way
For my dream feet
To tread safely

Maybe I should linger
In the twilight of the soul’s reflection
where I feel him all around me
trading misty kisses
For more of him…

© Alison Stormwolf


The Embrace

The EmbraceCling close to my breast
For night is falling and we do not know
Where it will lead…
Cling close to my breast
For the wind of change is strong
And alone we are weak
The rhythm of my heartbeat,
Muted, pounding
Will lull you
Against the incessant trials
Will summon the sleep merchant
To his task in hand
And the wings of love therein
Will comfort you
Point the compass to “Home”
With God’s speed and compassion
We’ll be together forever.
Cling close my precious darling.

© Alison Stormwolf

Artwork courtesy & © Daniel B. Holeman,
Visionary Artist - Awaken Visio


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