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More Poems About Depression, Grief & Despair
by Alison Stormwolf

More inspirational poetry by Alison Stormwolf about depression, sadness, loneliness, isolation, alienation, misery, grief, despair, melancholy, pain, hurt, sad love, suffering.

Note: Please do not take and use any of my poetry without prior permission and linking instructions.



Depression! I unmask you!
Thief in the night
Who knows no pity
Slinks into a life
As a virus, carrying devastation and suffering
Like a mantle of wet clothes
On a shivering body
You know no comfort
A shroud of despair 

You squeeze the throat
Constricting the chest
And the mind, disenabling
A happy thought
Abductor of reason! Pillager of optimism!
Slithering silently
And taking up residence
Putting down roots
Claiming "squatter's rights" 

Take your cold, slimy, hand of dread
Off my fellow traveller!
You have no business here
Slink back to the darkness
Dark begets dark... but here there is light!
Separator of families
Layer of the eggs of death
Murderer of dreams!
Your hour has past.
I expose you!
Now Go!

© Alison Stormwolf


Night Bereavement

Something has died
I wasn’t there to witness the occasion
I only know the pain of bereavement
Some subtle predator has stolen my inner peace
While I was busy dreaming
Of what was not to be

The world I knew last night.
Has changed irrevocably
The sands have shifted, obscuring my path
My comfort blanket has been wrenched from my grip
The colour has faded from my world

Something has died!

© Alison Stormwolf


The Miss-Fits

Fear and Dread
Are my constant companions
Indeed, no sooner have I
Thrown one out the door
Than my blood runs cold
As I slowly turn to see
The other, tittering malevolently
In my armchair

I am afraid to open my door,
That portal to the future.
What strange and un-natural panic
Rises up inside my chest,
But why should it be so?
Have I not been provided for?
In such a miraculous fashion
It even makes the “unbelievers”
Stop and question things?

Do I not remain in control?
Albeit, just and no more
Therefore my task
Is to disempower those vile entities
Expose them in their futility;
Shine light in the dark recesses of my mind
In which they thrive and prosper.
For nothing pertaining to the dark
Can grow in the light
So this knowledge should uplift me
Make me see those miss-fits
For who they are...

But, Oh! They can appear SO powerful!

© Alison Stormwolf


Apocalypse Now

I dreamt a dream
A ghastly dream
Where skies grew dark
And mothers screamed
Amid a panic never seen
Or thought of
On this land.

I saw a people lost for words
A sky devoid of sun, or birds
And flickering TV screens all blurred
As menace stalked the air
As traffic jammed in city streets
Great darkness took command!

The moon and stars all hid away
As people on their knees did pray
And fathers held their families near
Praying for the break of day;
But DAY herself had turned and fled
To be replaced by FEAR and DREAD.

We CANNOT carry on this way!
It’s written in our fate,some say
The four horsemen are on their way
It’s too late for regrets!

When nation seeks to crush and maim
And NO-ONE will accept the blame
As greed and powerlust prevail
And all, in “Freedom's Name?”

Within each beating human heart
A spark of light, God’s own sweet part,
Resides within us ALL, take heart
Refuse to play the game!

Smash down those boundaries
Made by man,look forward to a greater plan
Sit still and listen if you can
And hear the mothers scream

Once baby to her breast she placed
As round his face her finger traced
The mystery and the wonder of his birth
Universal gifts through all the Earth
No matter colour, creed or race
He is SPECIAL in the Master’s face!

© Alison Stormwolf


Final Dream

And it was on a bright spring day
When fluffy clouds sailed skies of blue
And flowers bloomed while birds sang loud
She made her dark decision...

She could not take it anymore
The inner urging was too strong
Her life in tatters, hopes all gone
So dark her inner vision,

The beauty of the Earth around
The glory of sweet nature found
The contrast to her bleak, grey thoughts
Her hopeless, inner vision.

Too much to bear… so, brushing hair
Lies down in curtained room
To dream a dream, of worlds unseen
And 'waken' free from care.......

© Alison Stormwolf


On Considering All

I am filled with trepidation
Should my road remain the same
For my battles have been weary
And my nights are hard to bear
For I find my world's are blending
In a disconcerting way
As my thoughts of doom are merging
Hide me from that light of day
Should my dreams disolve to ashes
In this world I cannot stay!
Just an honest observation
From a soul who lost it's way.

© Alison Stormwolf


The Cobra

My heart is a hollow well
Where stagnant water lies
In dark green puddles

My sleep is a waking hell
Inhabited by ghosts
Of yesterdays dreams

My desire is to curl up snug
My circle, my protection
From memory’s arrows

My hope is my inner strength
Which unfolds as a cobra
To strike down my fears.

© Alison Stormwolf



Come, sweet balm

To the down hearted
Honeyed elixir of hope
To the despairing
I am as dry as a desert lake
As needy as an orphaned
New born lamb;

I am lost in the oceans

Of my trials, my Karma
Confused and bruised
By life’s cruel hand
My voice cries out. echoing
Across the ether of my soul
In the swirling mists of disappointment

Numb hands are holding fast

To this sinking life buoy....
No land in sight.

© Alison Stormwolf



Show me some mercy

Let me slip down, deep down
Into the green reeds of my forgotten pond,
The residue of my unconscious.

This world was not constructed
For the likes of you and me
Those who wear a scalded skin…
Whose worldly dance is the one
Of the agonised spirit striving to find peace

I cannot mix with those
Who cannot see and be aware of my condition
Who in their forcefulness, would thrust upon
This fragile layer, this oh so tender awakening;
With sharp knives and blunt words
Would carve their eternal damnation
On my tender, trusting trunk.

Laugh with me, share my joy
Cry with me, suffer my disappointments
But NEVER try to get under my skin
For your very loving act of empathy
Would also surely be your damnation.

© Alison Stormwolf


After the Dance

So much sadness
In the human heart
When the dancing stops
And you search for your coat
Yes, that coat of protection
Against the night chill
The cold bitter wind
Of abandonment in your bones.

SO much better the start
Preparations as colourful
As the joy in your heart
A multicloloured lantern show
Of love’s deep devotions
Spirits exstatic waltzing
Under the chandeliers of desire

Consumed in happiness
Immunune from misery…or reality
Such a magical night
Cocooned in loves sweet bliss
Removed from pain and fear
Cinderella resurrected

Coat in hand the door opens
The night is cold, dark and lonely
Voices and music fade away
Sweet memories distance themselves

The dark and me…..
A marriage made in hell.

© Alison Stormwolf


If I cry?

If I scream
For the next five years,
Will it excavate,
Tunnel into this rock face
And prize out

This rock hard refusal
This slate grey
Granite denial
Of that
Blasted out
Of my soft sand
My putty heart...

Leaving this
Empty chasm
Echoing with pain...
Through this
Cold tunnel
If I cry.....
If I scream?
Will the answer

© Alison Stormwolf


Invoking Angels

Take away this thing upon me
Take away this dreadful blackness
Cut with your surgeons knife, that fine design
Between me and “it”

Oh, Lord God, sever the chord that lies between us
Invoke your mighty Angel Michael
Who carries the sword too big for mankind
Set my soul loose I beg you

I am in torment beyond anything
You would ever have wanted for your children
Let me fly to where my Spirit is calling
I will not leave my path dry
I will not leave my words, devoid of hope

In will in all things,
Give great magnificence to you
My Lord, My guide, my Angel
And my most precious friend.
In all things,
I acknowledge your other-worldly being.

© Alison Stormwolf


The Well

When did my well form?
Was it hewn
From impenetrable granite
Of a soul
Who refused to conform?
Or was it mined
With the devastating dynamite
Of rejection,
On the soft sand of innocent trust?

Either way, there it sits
An aching chasm of distress
Readily accessible at any time
The doorway always well oiled
The slightest draught opens the barriers
From this world…….to that

Who could understand a life
Experienced and lived, one foot
In the pink cloud of optimism
The other on the hair trigger
To my secret well?

I have called on my army of helpers
Forgiveness, compassion and love
They work night and day
Repairing, rebuilding,
More importantly
Redirecting stagnant water
Emptying the pit,
Infusing the contents with life force
One day my well will be
A geyser of bubbling living water!

© Alison Stormwolf


Do Not Judge

Do not judge
Do not dare judge me!
From your high moral standpoint
And your cosy domesticity
Until you have walked in my shoes
Seen what I have seen
Felt what I have felt
Do not judge me!

You have no authority to wield
In your life of domestic security
Take a step out of your boat
Of 'so called safety'
Walk on the waters like me
With faith your only safety net
And the encroaching darkness
Lingering, like a hidden panther
Waiting to spring

Live, breathe and sleep
With fear and uncertainty
Your only companion,
And do so not for days, but for years!
Keep appearances as they should be
Laugh at the right times
Be the life and soul of the party
Play the part fate has assigned to you

Walk home, alone, through the park
Known to be the domain of the unhinged
Loose all care for your personal safety
Wonder how it ever got to be like this
From your middle class life,
In your middle class house
Go home! To your secure, safe, dwelling
Do not judge me!

© Alison Stormwolf


Inside Your Skin

I am with you
Inside your skin
When you feel the world
Is an alien environment
And you don’t have the tools to survive

I am with you
In the waking dawn
When another day
Is just TOO much trouble
And your energy has left
And your heart’s a hollow shell

I am with you
Walking home in the biting wind
Past “happy people’s” houses
And your footsteps echo
The emptiness in your soul

I am with you
Every step of your journey
Back to wholeness and self worth
Steadying your arm, guiding your way
As only one who knows the road can do!
You are NOT alone!
I am with you, I understand!

© Alison Stormwolf



To all those who let me down
To all those who used my sinking
As a life raft to their own insecurities
Those who could have done more
Throw me a life belt or call the coastguard
Instead of observing from dry land
Through powerful binoculars, my distress call
Reassuring themselves of the hopelessness of my situation
Distress flares fired, for someone else to answer
Nobody came..I treaded water
Till my lungs almost exploded
Held my children on my shoulders
While they kicked and struggled
Almost drowning their potential saviour
In their frenzy of distress and confusion

All is calm now, emergency past
Bodies bob aimlessly with the tides
Life force extinguished, flotsam
On life's to-ing and fro-ing
But one person stands on the cliff
The invisible witness, burning with inner fire
To see justice done, before darkness falls.

© Alison Stormwolf



A living statue
Lying on an empty bed

The pillow a useful sponge
Inner pain, too deep for words
Suffocates the will to live
Hollow heart and anguish deep

Loneliness too overwhelming
My soul a barren landscape
Where once flowers grew
Nurtured by a love now gone

Survive the night as best I can
Control my thoughts
And summon strength
Before my eyes have to open
To another day, bleak, joyless,

Get dressed, put on the old disguise
Along with the makeup
The world will never know
The labyrinth of darkness and tears
Which await me tonight.

© Alison Stormwolf


Twisted Thinking

(Thoughts of Suicide while depressed)

Why do you call me, night and day?
Don't you know I have to come eventually!
The choice should not be mine
The day and the hour are with God!
Why torment my thoughts
With " Why not now?
Why prolong the agony?
You can be free TODAY!
What are you? Some kind of masochist?"

But you see, the sea is cruel but painless
A rope so final but so ugly!
An overdose the scourge of a busy night
In an overstretched A and E Dept.

Oh! To lie down
In my own bed, washed and scented
Hair neatly brushed
Teeth cleaned, makeup perfectly applied
My treasures around me
Photos, gifts… silly things.. .and the bible
Make peace with God invoke divine protection
For all my loved ones and myself

Then…close my eyes and soar!
Above the star studded sky
Beyond the reaches of the physical world
Return to source
Thankful for the chance
I gave it my best shot!
Well, with what I thought then!

Please don't condemn me as selfish
Or insult me as ill!
I have free will to use as I chose
Had I been selfish I would have done this
Years ago! When I realised
Life was for me a disappointment
A jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing!
A bride jilted at the alter!
A colour film which must be viewed
In black and white!
To read this you will assume
I am dull and depressed

Not so! I loved the magic
And the mystery, the wonder of childhood
Loved all things which sparkled!
From human beings to diamonds!
To frost covered leaves
On a January morning

I just could not compromise
Between the inner beauty
And the outer reality
Of a cruel uncaring world
Where people are measured by their cars
And for a man to cry is a weakness

© Alison Stormwolf


Comfort In The Night

The darkness is all encompassing
Not a physical darkness..
Unrelieved by distant street lights
Spiritual isolation
Unexperienced and beyond expression

" There, there," a soft hand
Slowly strokes my hair
"It will be alright"
The words come as comfort
From a mother to a fretful child

"Tomorrow is another day"
I roll over and close swollen eyes
The need to be reassured
Cancels out all knowledge
That the soothing hand
Is my own.

© Alison Stormwolf


Crying  Inside

Alone, dark room, crying inside
Eyes wide awake
But strangely dry
Wind whistling,
Clematis gently tapping the window
I lie motionless,
Hardly aware of my breathing
Crying inside.

Empty eyes accustomed to darkness
Mirroring inner desolation
Like some strange nocturnal creature
I scan the room for comfort
The warmth of the electric blanket
Bounces off a cold unreceptive body
Crying inside

I once had someone beside me...
Accompanied by years of empty yearning
Now I can take comfort in the reality
Crying inside.

© Alison Stormwolf


Footsteps Home

The laughter and the company
Become as distant strangers
I must make my way
From the world of make believe
To my own private hell

The road is familiar in its disdain
Footsteps unsteady, in the biting wind
I pass solid houses
Their granite stability
Ridiculing my unsteadiness
High heels mock their cargo
As it sways unsteadily,

Head held high
In a vain attempt at control
Until the next unexpected loose paving stone!

"You looked nice when you went out!"
"Congenial company will lift your spirits"
Now the distance
Between where I have been
And the safety of my closed front door
Is a minefield of potential humiliations!

Oh Lord! Take me now!
Why wait for another day?
I cannot bear the empty echo
Of footsteps home.

© Alison Stormwolf


I Am Fragile

I am fragile
Handle me with care!
I did not choose to be this way

I am fragile
Do not upset my equilibrium
With false promises
And sweet words

I belong to the old school
Where honesty and truth abide
I can not be other than I am
My integrity stands

Yet, I am fragile
There are many out there
In the great unknowing
Who will eagerly eat your words
And devour your promises
Unless you are exactly what you seem
Leave me alone!
I am fragile.

© Alison Stormwolf


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