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Dedication Poems
by Alison Stormwolf

In all lives we meet special people and animals. They are often teachers in disguise sent to broaden our horizons, lift us up, encourage us... sometimes to allow us to see the folly of certain actions. Yes those special people and animals are not always uplifting, but often looking back we see they were all gifted to us on our journey.

This is just a selection of the poems of dedication I have written in gratitude for the people who have affected me and left their mark on my life and in my heart.

Note: Please do not take and use any of my poetry without prior permission and linking instructions.


For Chris

That smile within moments of birth
That ‘how do you do’, ‘glad to meet you’
They tried to explain away as wind
Was engraved on my heart
Instantly, indelibly
That pissing in the face of the doctor
Was a sign you were going to make your mark
Irretrievably, in your own way
That sure and certain bond in seconds
Told me I will give my life for you

© Alison Stormwolf


Mother To Son

No matter how deep you go
There I am always, yes,
and deeper still, till you are convinced
that only the very cursed of humanity
could ever inhabit that dark void
See me there
For I have made a vow to my creator
And I will never leave you
No, not in the bowels of hell
That smile, that loving energy
Suffusing your heart
Will raise you up
And I am here beside you

© Alison Stormwolf


To The Special Ones

They are among me now
Those special ones
Plucked out of nowhere
Brought as a magnificent gift…
Maybe they always were?
Perhaps routine masks the senses
So while there is breath in this body
I will use it to say thank you
For being my friend
Listening when despair
Threatened to overcome my barricades
Made me mute
Answered to nobody
Still you persisted
Like a hornet
Would not allow yourself
To give up on me

God knows I do not deserve it
Or maybe He does?
That would explain a lot…

For Janara and many more

© Alison Stormwolf


Sweet Man

You speak
And my tethered heart
Fights against the bars
of my self imposed prison

You smile
And my world has colour
Past hurts are forgotten
Wounds are healed, miraculously

You write
And my heart is warmed
After many months in icy winter
Too many nights of biting cold

You live
And the knowlege
Gives my heart the wings
To fly to pastures new.

for PT

© Alison Stormwolf



For SerpentSoul

She sought no one’s approval
For that was not her desire
such things were left behind in childhood
No, she flew free as the wind
of her dreams and ambitions
Many times like Icarus she fell
Singed by her own ambition
but like the Phoenix she rose again
For the storm inside her
Was always one of self expression

Many dark valleys did she walk
And many waking dawns of empty wondering
but that fire within her
Could never be extinguished
By something as commonplace as 'life'
So she took on a new role
and she shed her skin like a snake

Oh that new, uncovered body
is so pleasing to my eyes!
For I see the gypsy’s promise come to pass
No matter all the hindrances
that life threw in her path
Those were her fiery stepping stones
to her new beginning
And I see her in her new dawn
such power beneath her wings of flight
My daughter is over and above my dreams

My soul is at peace for her

for Steph

© Alison Stormwolf




Dancing eyes that shine with laughter
Stillness of soul only rewarded to a few
She cannot begin to realise
How she inspires me so

Her desire is not to be an icon
Her soul purpose is to be
A vessel for the light
In that she more than excels

By what alchemy
can one so transcendant
Remain so grounded?
For her feet are in the soil
and her heart is with her children
But she loves with no restraint

And she cares not what face
in the physical, the world sees
For she walks with the Buddhas

And such limitations make her smile inwardly
For the thousand petal lotus
Has opened in her jewelled dawn
So such trivialities are cast aside

For she sings and she dances
and light flows in all directions
As she moves
and blossoms of spirit open
To the inner sun
Where she has walked
as her humility allows others
To expose their weaknesses

Such freedom of bondage,
Such casting off
Of worn out bridles of strangulation
Are made manifest

And her soul is in the dawning
of another’s awareness
She is the singing bowl in the temple
composed of seven different metals / bodies
Her sound is healing and transformational
A true vibration of source

Beauty seldom seen
She is prepared to be
The beggar in the temple
If that is what it takes

To share
her light
with you.

For Clau (WE)

© Alison Stormwolf



The Ground Listener

He spoke
And I had to listen
For his words were medicine
To my ailing spirit
He shared my wavelength
And so the messages came through
Thick and fast

How I rejoiced at his reassurance
For he saw beyond my shell
Into the dark hollows of me
He called out
in those desolate chambers
Allowing me to emerge briefly
And acknowledge our connection

Millions walk the earth
Many cry out
But only those with
Their ear to the ground
Hear the rumblings
Of a new day
a new time
A transformation.

for LWA

© Alison Stormwolf

Book Of Words

It arrived today
That precious book of words
Hewn from a tree
Of deepest thought and wonder
To trace the writing in my fingertips
to peer deep into the heart of him
Catching just a glimpse
A smile came to my lips
And that familiar feeling of something stirring
My passion.. my pride
Or maybe my contentment?
That in this wide universe
We are connected
By words.

for PT

© Alison Stormwolf

Another Time .. Another Life

Protected by caring
One day he will know
That lifeline thrown
Into stormy waters
And my heart
Will always hold a place
for that honourable soul
Treasure comes in many forms.
The wise see through the dross
Of circumstances, places

I will take him to my
Special place
Away from all that tarnishes
Judges and misunderstands
Two hearts, two minds
Connected by ethereal striving
Suffering and sacrifice,
He is with me in the majesty
Of creativity's bonding
That will more than suffice.

for PT

© Alison Stormwolf


MS to LS

She paints and I write
(oh she writes also!)
Surely something to add to this
Strange world
I am in the healing arts
Connected to invisible
But at times
Crucified by myriad experiences,

There are no victors in this race
The sea anemone yet again
Breathing out and in
Holding fast
To a rock that probably
Does not exist

She sees everything.
But as a young sapling
Needs several years, rings of growth
To add to her already laser sight
Wise beyond her years
(Well, they are now
Those Indigos.)

And I fear for the parting
For we are symbiotic by birth
She the younger, more forceful form of me
And I
The Oak
Who can no longer bend
With the wind of her forcefulness
Her passion, her mistakes

She will be
The strong one.

for my daughter

© Alison Stormwolf




He looks and sees
More in a millisecond
Than most in a year
Deep, deep is his fathomless soul
Ancestral line attached to
What he may become…
Will become

The Thinker
Knows no escape
Although often desired
It is ingrained in his inner vision
Mixed senses of the gifted
Only confuse more

Bombarded by feeling,
And not succeeding

For without this blessed curse
He would not be able
to strum his soul
or lose himself
in the bliss

© Alison Stormwolf



Under the North Pole

He has thrown snowdrops
In my path
Such a sacrifice from one
Who cannot bear the winter

Those little, white, pure
Of eternal spring
Unlock such love in me

In return
I give him a Dahlia
Born from that
Which lies dormant
Explodes with beauty in summer

He and I
Under the ice cap
Willing one another
Through this frozen dream

I see spring in his eyes
As we swim these frozen waters
He knows the ice
Will melt

Happy are those
Who have loved enough
To see the sudden leap
To dry land

© Alison Stormwolf



Mary Lou Allen

I know a woman
Whose thoughts and visions
Pierce you like a lance
Straight to the heart,
She does not know
Any other way

Her directness gives me power
She may not understand
That intense emotional exchange
But I do

I know a woman
Whose mind is a kaleidoscope
Of stories and poems
Each vying with the other
For birth into expression

They have to form
"an orderly line"
This lady is not for manipulation
By the muse
or anyone else
Her heart and her mind
Battle for the upper hand
But so unusually
Both are exquisite ...

with Deep South wisdom
Ingrained with spirituality
She would choose to run
From these accolades
I set upon her

I see her in her beauty
I suffer with her in her pain
And as the sun rises
and the wind over the water
Makes her wind chimes sing

There am I
Eternally grateful for the gift
Of a kindred soul, a warrior soul!
Born to make waves
Born to take the brunt
Of blind eyes
(for a time)

I thought in my ignorance
Nature was revealed to me
I only saw
a small part
till she
opened my eyes
to see.

© Alison Stormwolf


About This Poem:

ML has been a mentor, guide, inspiration
and boot up the back side to me for several years now. ;-)

I cannot imagine what I would have done without her understanding,
practical help and 'stong woman' mentality.
Its a strange thing...but its so often looking back that we see with pure vision
those sent to guide and inspire us.
Thank you my dear friend.


This Time Round

I once knew a man
Maybe several generations back
But know him I did………
Yes, I knew him inside out
In a way that left him transparent
But, oh!
How his transparency moved me
How his beating heart
Spoke to me
Of all the things we shared
And believed in
All the times we laughed
At those who
Could never
Be transparent
So full
Of the world’s darkness were they.
We lay back

comfortLooking at the cloudless sky, 
Or the moon    
all her glory      
And felt that never      
had two people        
Been so given         
Into each other’s keeping          

He walked in my shoes          
Or did I walk in his footprints?         
Makes no difference, we were fused        
In some mystical bonding      
And so we were content...

                                                                                       I once knew a man
Who equalled me 
In intensity and longing
For righteousness in the material world
While living
With one foot in the next
Who suffered
The same perplexities as me
Was confused, betrayed, and struggled
In similar painful contradictions… 
…… like me

I once knew a man
A very special man,
I know him still.

“When you fall, I will sustain you
When I despair, reach out to me
We may never meet this time round
But I do recognise you”……

(For DSB)

© Alison Stormwolf


For Little Skull

Pay me no mind
As I tip- toe through your dreams
I’m simply checking on you
I’ve heard your silent screams
I’ve listened to your murmurings
Deep in the dark of night
I just need reassurance
That you are quite alright…

Pay me no heed
If you see me passing by
No, not in your full vision
From the corner of your eye…
For that is where you’ll glimpse me
As about my tasks I go
I do not need your input
I just need you to know

That no matter where life takes you
Whether I am here or ‘there’
I have my task in hand
So, be totally aware
That I am always with you
You will never be alone
You’ll forge ahead in courage
For I see, in you has grown
A strong and wilful nature,
A deep and thoughtful soul
Yes, you’ll make your own way
In this life
For you,....
NO begging bowl!
You’re just as I had hoped for
I’ve watched your talent grow
So, energise and
Live those dreams

You’ve nursed since long ago!

(For My Daughter)

© Alison Stormwolf



You are becoming a wild woman
My precious daughter
A title you inherited
And only now
Are coming of age

It's both a burden and an honour
Bestowed before birth
But activated through actions
You have the wildness
Of the ages in you

I recognise all the signs
See all the manifestations
My heart swells
Like a stormy sea
My spirit sings
Of joy and sorrow

For you will know both of these
In great abundance
As your wildness expands
You will stare success
And failure full in the face
And shirk from neither

Your heart is a tender shoot
But your claws are sharp
And strong when needed
Nothing will dampen the fire
I see in your soul

So think on these things
My Precious Daughter

(For Steph)

© Alison Stormwolf



For Janara

What divine intention
motivates that heart of yours?
My world is uplifted because you are in it.
Surely you will realise your every dream you dared to dream;
For that as we know, is how this magnificent universe works.
You have given of yourself, your skills your time, to one you did not know...
Encouraging, uplifting, full of wisdom and other worldly grace
such profound stepping out, such humbling sacrifice.
My gratitude cannot ever be expressed by mere words.
May the blessing you have settled on my shoulders
be multiplied one thousand times
and like homing pidgeons
going home to roost
may your life
be filled

© Alison Stormwolf



The Night Feed

Cradled in my arms
I watch the gentle ebb and flow
Of baby breath
Eyelids still and peaceful
My baby is elsewhere

In the world for short spells
Then back to the land of the light
My heart expands and fills the room
With intensity and wonder

Oh, that I could protect you
Safely all your days
Nestle and cradle you
From life's essential lessons

But for now, and now is all
We ever really have
Your mother loves you
And is here

You are safe, my special gift
Safe with me
And when I return to the land of light
Safe with God's angels.

© Alison Stormwolf


The Shaman

The beat of the drum and I am transported
To long ago days by the fire in the forest
The rhythm of life encased by the womb beat
I am safe in the midst of my friends once again.

The eagle he lulls me, by soft sweeping wings
Which cover my face and disperse all my fears
Invisible helpers I feel all around me
And Brown Bear towers close by my side

The smell of the incense awakens my memories.
My spirit aches with the wish to return
To when I would lie on my back on the soft moss
And speak to the stars and honour the moon.

I hear in the distance the ghostly and haunting
Call of my brothers and sisters the wolves
As they too, would look to the moon and remember
Great Spirit who made them, co-joined in life’s womb.

But now I must rise and return to the ‘new’ life
I chose for some reason my soul can’t recall
But always my longing is there by the fireside
The rush and the crowds make no sense what so all!

So when life seems empty. I go to the person
Who listens and helps and I know understands
My journey, My Struggles, My Weakness, My Yearning
The challenge I face and My Truth most of all.

(For Jason)

© Alison Stormwolf


My Work of Art

Oh, she thinks I have to TRY to love her
Have to somehow search my soul to love her now
Of course I loved her when she was young
And sweet, able to be dictated to
Reasoned with, told what to wear

She thinks those days of love are gone

Disappeared through all our trials
All our many fights and bitter talk
When wounded both by life, we in turn
Would wound each other
With equal ferocity

Oh, she knows that she is beautiful
But she does not feel that deep inside
She cannot accept her glorious inner self
Though it is by far the greater gift….
And she has got SO many gifts to bring
Such wonder and beauty will she bring
This jaded world before her time is through

She has the artist’s eye
She sees beyond the ordinary
Her vision delights and amazes me
She has been given over and above the norm
Communicates with animals, knows their thoughts
I watched her in the finals of 'Miss Scotland'
And my heart exploded into a million butterflies

My little girl in baby-grow only yesterday
Now this determined young woman
This beautiful, gutsy, spirited soul

And yet she thinks
I have to Try to love her!
Oh, that she could see inside this mother’s heart
Catch the slightest glimpse of love therein
She would never need to doubt again
Could banish those thoughts from her mind forever
For my love and admiration for my daughter
Must surely go beyond the realms of

What I can express in words
My own precious work of art
She is a living composition,
Of every damn thing
I ever wanted in a daughter
Every single attribute, good and bad
Her feistiness, her artistic soul
Her love of animals, her tender heart
My special gift from God
My blessing beyond measure.....
Or deserving
And she thinks I have to TRY to love her!

(For Steph)

© Alison Stormwolf


From His Mother

He may never know
My pride as I look at him
My baby, is a man of strong thoughts
And hidden talents.

He plays the guitar
And my heart strings resonate with pride
And thanks-giving for his life
And he may never know

Forced into the insane world
Of adulthood too soon!
His quiet support, beneath the noisy fights
Reminds me who I am.

It’s just as well that emotions
Reside in that strange
Non physical realm, immune from the laws
Of the material world

Because I could never find
A vessel big enough, strong enough
Large enough, tall enough
Never, in this whole screwed up world
To contain my love and pride for him.

( For my son Nick)

© Alison Stormwolf

Heavy Heart

Oh! I have such
A heavy heart today...

Such weight in my chest
For so much
Has been revealed
To me
of late…..

The loving support
Of my friends
My love for my cat
The depth of mourning
For a dog brother lost
In the cruellest way....
Especially ...
For his owner

But ...
The weight in my chest
This "Heaviness of heart"
Is not something I wish to
Be relieved of,
In any way...

For it is
The fullness of love
That subtle organ holds
For all
That is precious
In my life

In ways that most
Cannot begin
To comprehend

And so...
Should my heart be empty?
And my chest be light?
Then surely I would
Have to be pitied
My emptiness

I have a heavy, heavy, heart!
And I bear it willingly
And with gratitude
For all
That has been given to me.

I carry much treasure
And so my heart
Is weighed down

Thank you
Once again
For 'seeing' through
The darkness
and knowing........
The 'soul'
In me.

( For Jason)

© Alison Stormwolf



For My Children

Why do I write?
I write to express the inexpressible
Put down for posterity what made me tick!
So that you will see the "Real ME"
Beyond the barrier of personality
And superficial illusion

This is my legacy for you, My Children
Who may never have seen
Beyond the veil of irritation
Depression and hopelessness
That life thrust upon me
And understood my trials
And heartfelt sorrow at yours!

So many layers we wear
Like the covering on an onion
Take them away and what is left?
My inner core is SUCH love
And compassion for my babies
For babies you will always be to me

I took you into this world
And not to suffer but to grow!
I can still feel the weight of your small
Heavy bodies asleep on my chest
Hear my prayers that God would protect you
Save you from the harsher things

All I dare hope for now
As you mature through your struggles
Is you look back and realise
Your mother loved you with a fervour!
And suffered greatly, along with you
At the many ways she could not help
But felt great pride when she looked at you
And cherished your achievements.

( For Chris Steph and Nick)

© Alison Stormwolf


Universal Warrior

And some people laughed
But some felt the need
They could not understand
To touch him
Strange as he was...
Some primal instinct told them
'He is not what you assume'

No, he is imbued
With a wisdom not acquired
Through one short visit
To this mixed up world of men
His battledress
Reflects his task,
He does not look for acceptance

How he smiled inside
But only with compassion
For a people who could only judge
With shaded eyes and bound spirits
On the acceptable,
In an unacceptable world

Safer to keep a distance
For some
Lest the treasure from his mouth
Infect them
With that terminal desire
To know more, to break out
Of those constricting bands
Of convention
And acceptability

Arcane knowlege walks among us
But we dare not look
Beneath the surface
Lest the 'disenchantment'
Of our ignorance
May cause us to explode
Into the vast expanse of space....
From whence, he came.

(For Paras)

© Alison Stormwolf

Dedicated to the most amazingly talented astrologer and one who knows the workings of the planets with breath-taking accuracy. He wears strange clothes, Full Highland battle dress.

The Birth

NEVER think you should not have been born!
If God had not wanted it,
It would never have happened!
I knew from the moment
You smiled within minutes of birth
You were definitely meant to be here!

Why God should choose me, as your mother
..Remains to be seen
Until the moment when unbearable pain
Became unbearable joy,
I did not understand it either!

But be reassured!
When I looked in your small face
Creation's Mother's love became apparent
In ways I can barely understand, even now
God's great mercy, revealed even to me!
NEVER doubt why you are here!

You unleashed a love
That had lain dormant
My own sweet creation!
You came into this world
Carrying your own packages
Of happiness..and despair
Only to be unwrapped, as the years go bye
But as the woman who took you into this world
NEVER! EVER! Doubt that you ARE special!
And had a reason to be born!

(For Chris)

© Alison Stormwolf



My Earth Angel

Oh my sweet love,
My dearest, only love
Come and sit
By the fire with me

Let my arms enclose your body
Your dearly loved
And special body
Lay your head back,
Next to me

I have loved you
Such a long time
With such love
In such degree
I have been there
Through the dark times
Through the cold times
By your side

You have been
My inspiration
And my mentor
And my guide

Though we will not be together
We'll still have the love we share
And my spirit will for always
Be beside you
Come what may,

Oh my darling
Special angel,
My own angel
Look around you,
I am there

(For John)

© Alison Stormwolf


Forgive Me

A wall has been fashioned
The bricks hewn with pain and insecurity
The cement, the forlorn hope
That things would be as they were...

The builders work was good
No chink of light, no weak spot
Could cause this defence
To crumble to the ground.

Tall, wide, built to last
Separating two people, united in pain
Divided by suffering
At times stretching a forlorn arm
Across the man- made divide

We must persist!
You or I could perish
Our eyes unable to perceive
Destruction through the wall

Time is fleet of foot
As a colt in the spring meadows
The `Great Day of Reconciliation`
May never come

Take out your ladder of forgiveness
My precious daughter
MY mother’s love will hold it fast
Climb up and embrace
This world weary woman
On the other side
Who yearns to see your face.

(For Steph)

© Alison Stormwolf



The Voice Of The Animals
(The Animal Healer)

She takes them in her arms
And their fears are assuaged
They, the young, the helpless
Know at soul level, she IS love

She cannot see her beauty
Though to me I almost have
To shield my eyes before her
So full of love is she

My heart breaks for her disappointments
When we love
We want to protect
How hard it is to see or know
Of another’s branding with the
Master’s branding iron….
That ‘call’ to service

And so I have to stand back
And know she suffers.
The silent witness to her pain
That pain of birth
From one reality to the other
That divine calling out of the herd
To be marked……
That singling out
She cannot avoid…
For that is her soul’s purpose;

She thinks she is unworthy
has nothing to offer but good intent
Oh, that I could show her
What the end results of ‘good intent’
Will be for this amazing soul

For she talks to the animals,
And those with no voice
will flock to her safe keeping,
For they see the heart of love
That beats in that precious soul of hers.

God grant that I will witness
The fruits of what my spirit sees
For the four legged's have no way
Of saying what they suffer
Save through the likes of her
And the likes of her
Are rare, special, gifted and overflowing
With an Earth mission she will fulfil

She talks to the animals
They know at once they are safe
She will heal and bring great comfort
She will be the bridge between
Them and us
They will speak through her

The world is a better place
Because my dear friend is in it
The animal kingdom rejoices……….
And so do I.

(Foe Emma)

© Alison Stormwolf


Graveside Conversations

Do you hear me down there?
Yes, you in your blue pyjamas!
The ones in which I dressed you
On that last bleak dawn
You did not see,

When I stand up here
And tell you of my latest developments?
Do you think I am looking well?
Are you angry at the lack of attention
Or glad it is all over?

Can you tell when I cry?
And long for the days we used to fight
And get on each other’s nerves?

Always, in a quiet way
Secure in the special position
We had with one another
We argued night and day

You belonged to the “old school”
Where displays of affection
Were considered
“Not the done thing!”

Lucky for you, you had me!
The daughter who understood
Did not need to be told
Could live without the hugs
Knew only too well
The problems you wrestled with

Had the flood gates opened
Your tears could not be contained
And so you chose the avenue
Of non communication
And unspoken affection

Please Dad, understand
I always knew where you were coming from
It runs in the genes

Sometimes love is so great
Words are not enough

I remember your early rise
To bury my dead rabbit
Burn his precious hutch…….
Save me from the pain

The surprise purchase
Of my first pair of ‘high heels’
After overhearing the night before
You telling my mother
I was "far too young" for such things
Actions do indeed speak louder than words

I told you all this
When for once you couldn’t argue
I had the upper hand!
Got it all off my chest
You had to lie and bear it
Cold and unresponsive
I kept you company

Sitting by your coffin
And so, rest in peace………
While you can!

For Dad from Ali xxx

© Alison Stormwolf




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