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The Miracle Of This Website

Miracles happen daily... some big, some small.

The greatest miracle that has happened in my life lately comes into the former category. Not only that, but it emphasises and validates almost everything that is spoken of in this web site.

Divine intervention, manifesting your dreams, never being alone, all being connected, giving out to the universe and receiving (Karma), God/Spirit seeing us individually, yes - even our hopes and dreams.

Whilst we have a tendency to see ourselves as insignificant, The Creator sees our hearts and our intentions. He brings people into our lives in so many different ways - with a message, a blessing, a lesson, or a gift. If we are "awake", then we can see the gift, but if we remain "asleep", we do not see the significance of these wondrous gifts of the invisible... and so we are unable to give thanks.

What better reason to wake up? When you start to see the many ways the universe is blessing you each day, you will feel abundantly able to give thanks and raise the vibrational level for yourself and the whole of humanity.

My Gift from Spirit

flowerI had managed to 'cobble together' a website after emerging from my deep depression. It became my 'baby', born of a bleak time, which I was determined to transmute into something of inspiration for others. Actually, that in itself was another gift (and another story).

You see, God sees when we are trying to bring good out of bad. We are supported in the spirit realm in everything at all times. We only need to open our spiritual perception.

After being 'up and running' for 3 years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the inability to update my website to more acurately portray my position on my path now. I felt that the site was stagnating, and my son, whom I had relied on to make essential alterations, had moved with his girlfriend to a town several miles in the other direction.

It was from this level that I came across the web site Pearls Of Wisdom. I was looking for some native American wisdom to uplift me, and found some on this site.  I contacted the site owner, Janara, asking for permission to use one of the quotes displayed there. I left my web site address. She contacted me and gave me permission, she asked if she could use one of my poems... I answered that of course she could.

We spoke about linking sites and I asked her for her banner. I felt my site would be uplifted by becoming linked to hers, as I recognised a similiar feeling in our intentions.

Never in my whole life, in my wildest dreams, did I know what was to be the outcome of two souls with mutual intent, two sisters across the entire globe, two people who had walked a similar path to be.

Janara turned out to also be a web designer. She saw my site and felt moved by spirit to help me. She offered to totally re-design my web site. At this time she had NO IDEA who I was, what if at all, we had in common. I was amazed but had to tell her that not only could I not pay her but that the project was huge. I had moved on many paces on my path from first conception.

Her response took me to my knees...

She told me that she, more than anyone, being a web designer, knew the huge amount of work involved.
She told me that she had been told by spirit that in some way I had earned or deserved this gift.
She told me that it was due to spirit being good to her in the last year that she was empowered to pass on the blessing.

My protestations of the hours spent and the money owed which would never be able to be repayed in conventional meansall fell on deaf ears... or should I say it all fell on enlightened ears? OK. What was happening here?
I had a need and it was not selfish .. the universe supplied
I was at a time when I felt my beliefs were running low .. Spirit gave me my sister.
I tried to tell her I was not deserving .. she told me otherwise, backed up by supernatural awareness.

The re-creation of this website has been a co-creation of two soul sisters. This has not been the writer with her ideas and the designer with hers. She sees through my eyes... we have both been forged in the same fire and the end result has been opening up to help others.

How amazing is that in itself?
How amazing that a person arrives out of nowhere, and not only do you have a soul connection, but that person works night and day for nothing on your behalf?

So you don't believe in miracles?
I do, they happen to me all the time... maybe because I know they exist.

I dedicate this website to an amazing woman, a soul who follows the higher instruction.
My soul sister, my answer to prayer, my confirmation to everything I / WE try to put forward.

Thank you for your trust
Thank you for your belief
thank you most of all
for your example.

For Janara

What divine intention
motivates that heart of yours
my world is uplifted because you are in it
surely you will realise your every dream you dared to dream
For that as we know, is how this magnificent universe works
You have given of yourself, your skills your time, to one you did not know
Encouraging, uplifting, full of wisdom and other worldly grace
such profound stepping out, such humbling sacrifice
my gratitude cannot ever be expressed by mere words
may the blessing you have settled on my shoulders
be multiplied one thousand times
and like homing pidgeons
going home to roost
may your life
be filled


Your day( Australia)
Is my night (Scotland)
Your truth
Is my light

Pearls Of Wisdom