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Dream Analysis - Dream Interpretations by Alison Stormwolf

  Explore the Hidden world of Dreams & Their Meanings in your life...

Alison offers dream interpretation online to help uncover the wisdom, messages or warnings that they contain.

Dream images are unique and personal to each dreamer, speaking directly from the higher self, and are rich in imagery and symbolism. Once understood, they do not need to return. They offer another level of understanding the self.

When a Dream Analysis Could Benefit You:

I can perhaps help to unravel the threads to allow the wisdom, message or warning in the dream to come through. It is a two way operation and never given just as an 'interpretation' by me. Your dream imagery is yours alone.

Order a Dream Analysis Interpretation

This is time-consuming work and will require your involvement as I will probably need to question you for more details about feelings and what the different symbols mean to you.

Anyone who just tells you off-pat what a dream means is not to my mind totally involved in the way that is required. As already stated, your dream symbols (apart from 'Archetypes' which are stored in the universal unconscious and available to all) are yours alone.

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My Qualifications

Life long lucid dreamer / astral traveller. Attended two courses in Dream Analysis at Aberdeen university. Member of private dream group. 20 years experience.

What Dreams Can Tell Us

Scientists and Occultists have very differing opinions about what function dreams perform and it does seem fair to say that they appear to have many different functions depending on how they present themselves. The mind is the last great frontier and just as we are now aware that we only use one tenth of the brain that means that the other nine tenths are either redundant or potentials for greatly enhanced functioning. We filter out most of what our senses take in in order to be able to function and not suffer from 'overload'.

A frequently recurring dream about my father and a sacrifice he made for our family haunted me for years after his death. Answering my request for help, Alison Stormwolf intervened and with patient, compassionate and perceptive consultation completely relieved me of the doubt and guilt that plagued me and was responsible for my traumatic dreams. She informed me that I would never experience them again. She was right. I had always known she was an exceptional woman and now I know her to be blessed with extraordinary healing powers. Besides all that, she is my friend.
~ R Flores, Texas USA

I met Alison during our dream studies at Aberdeen University. What I remember most vividly is that I always looked forward to her arrival at the class. She lit the room up and I learned quite early in our work that she has an exceptional gift in this arena. Her own dreams shared with other dream students were spellbinding and invariably she knew the deep significance of every one. We all listened intently to her interpretations of our own shared dreams. She could combine deep intuitive insights with the techniques we were studying and come up with very helpful analyses. We could always trust her wisdom. After the course was over five enthusiasts continued to meet under the title of 'The Dreamers.' We shared dreams and discovered much about ourselves. This kind of sharing is very intimate and we were in this happy position of being able to trust each other with our hidden naked truths! An important dream was called a 'cracker' and many times I would phone Alison with my latest and get very sound advice – often with a bit of humour thrown in as an extra. She was the star in our group and always eager to help in whatever way she could. I'm very pleased to know that she is now using her very special gift in a professional way. If you do decide to consult her be prepared for a happy, enlightening experience. Her wisdom and insight is rare.
~ MD Aberdeen

I believe that dreams take the important information gleaned from all these stimuli and transform it into images and impressions to alert us to things in our lives that need our attention. This can be in the realms of personal health issues, warnings, advice from out 'higher selves' and are there for full of important and helpful information to aid and guide us in daily life.


Types Of Dreams

  • Some are just 'day residue' - bits and pieces of memories of what has occurred, almost a replaying as the mind compartmentalises experience to our memory banks. They do not mean much.

  • Others are messages that need acknowledging. We usually know the ones that mean something, such as:

    • Recurring Dreams or Nightmares are always a sign that the subconscious is trying to bring something to our attention. these can be very disturbing and can cause great distress. It has been my experience that once the message is taken on board the conscious mind the recurrent dream no longer needs to take place. Look at it like a post man who has an important parcel to deliver and so he keeps knocking at your door and if nobody is in returns again.

    • Residual feelings upon awakening. Some dreams (usually important or what is known as 'Big Dreams') tend to leave a residual feeling the next day. This can contain any emotion depending on the nature of the dream but very often either unease, anxiety, depression, a sense of loss or maybe happiness and reassurance. This is always a pointer to a dream that has a message in it of some sort.

Once we learn to understand the special language of dreams, we can become amazed at the knowledge and wisdom contained in them. They do not come via the critical mind so they come to us as truth undiluted.


Dream Dictionaries

Dream dictionaries are of limited use, as the symbols your mind uses are for you and you alone. As an example, a spider is a very different symbol to someone with a spider phobia than to one who sees spiders as the ‘weaver of the web of life’ standing for industriousness etc.


My Background In Dream Analysis

I have been a prolific dreamer since birth and it was only when I reached my teens I discovered that I am also a ‘lucid dreamer’ and ‘astral traveller’. I write much more about this in my philosophy section - please read the article Astral Travelling, Out of Body Experiences and Other Realities.

Due to these abilities I became totally fascinated with what had become to me another world..another place of existence for me where I was able to see that I functioned in another way.

I saw things in the dream world that I had only read about in books or seen in paintings and this filled me with wonder and the desire to know more.

I sensed that dreams were much more than what was often ascribed to them ie a sort of filing system of the occurrences of the day. I could see for myself they has their own language and I was determined to decipher it.

About 20 years ago I attended classes at Aberdeen University in Dream Analysis run by a wonderful woman who was a Jungian Psychologist. I then went on to do the advanced class delving deeper.  I then joined a private ‘dream group’ to further my interest.

You could say I live in two worlds at the same time as that just about explains what the dream world has become to me over the course of my lifetime. This can be a blessing but it also has its down side. It has however, taught me a huge amount and so I would never chose to lose this ability.



Dream Archetypes and Their Role in Your Dreams

 What Are Dream Archetypes?

According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and his school of analytical psychology, archetypes are innate universal pre-conscious psychic dispositions that form the substrate from which the basic themes of human life emerge.

Being universal and innate, their influence can be detected in the form of myths, symbols and psychic aptitudes of human beings the world over. The archetypes are components of the collective unconscious and serve to organize, direct and inform human thought and behaviour.


Archetypes Represent The Stages Of Life

Archetypes hold control of the human life cycle. As we mature the archetypal plan unfolds through a programmed sequence which Jung called "the stages of life". Each stage of life is mediated through a new set of archetypal imperatives which seek fulfillment in action. These may include being parented, initiation, courtship, marriage and preparation for death.


The Four Main Archetypes

Carl Jung outlined four main archetypes:

  • The Self, the regulating center of the psyche and facilitator of individuation;
  • The Shadow, the opposite of the ego image, often containing qualities that the ego does not identify with but possess nonetheless;
  • The Anima, the feminine image in a man's psyche;
  • The Animus, the masculine image in a woman's psyche


Working With The Archetypes In Dream Interpretation

We will almost certainly be coming across these dream archetypes in my dream analysis work. Many times, the only way it can get our attention may be through dreams.. or even nightmares. This is because generally, we have become so divorced from our ‘shadow side’ that we do not want to acknowledge its existence.

Therefore, if you are having recurrent dreams it is your subconscious mind trying desperately to alert you to something. Once the message is given over - ie. interpreted and accepted - the dream no longer has a purpose and will then stop.


About Lucid Dreaming

This is the paradox of consciousness during sleep. We are all aware at times of having some form of control in a dream. In fact a dream therapist can teach you how to confront your fears by turning around in a dream and facing them. True lucidity however is something much more profound.
It is in fact ‘waking up’ in a dream world. Being fully conscious in a dream landscape.

lightspeed This is often accompanied by feelings of intense euphoria and wonder and the awareness of certain abilities which the dreamer may then persue..Like flying, walking through walls etc.


About Astral Travelling

This is travelling outside one's physical body; going somewhere in spirit only; leaving one's physical body and going anywhere using one's astral body. It is closely linked to out of body experiences where somebody usually spontaneously gets projected outside their physical body and their consciousness then inhabits their astral or dream body. Often the person can look at their own body from another location nearby.

Astral travelling is one step further, when the astral counterpart, either by will or by seeming random occurrence, finds itself functioning in another world. For more information, read my article Astral Travelling, Out of Body Experiences and Other Realities.

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