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Magic is everywhere. I see it as the bridge between worlds where nothing we have ever read about or imagined cannot exist. I believe in the other kingdoms and that has been a source of joy and wonder to me all my life. Indeed I have visited some of them.

There is no evil in Wicca or paganism. Those who claim there is are misguided and narrow minded. We live in the natural world which interpenetrates worlds within worlds. There is true liberation to be had when we understand that concept.

Each reality adheres to the workings and boundaries of that reality... but sometimes.... the portals open.... and we merge...

How exciting is that?

 Real Magic Spells
A collection of traditional and powerful white magic spells - love, money, power, protection and healing.

 Sea Wizards Soul Crew
Come join the Sea Wizard on a mystical magical journey into an enchanted world of poetry, quotes, native american wisdom, fantasy, magical kingdoms, fairies. Honoring all life - nature, humans, animals and the unseen realms.