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Shamanic Healing Centres and Centres for Shamanic Studies and education, including Sacred Workshops, fire initiations and sacred healings.

Those who go to the ancient ways for knowledge and guidance have a new voice at this time. We have seen cycles of empires rising and falling, religious wars fought, all manner of things, while the sacred beat of the earth goes on.....

Some feel the soul need to be connected in a new way to 'all that is'. (They could never of course be un-connected...but could certainly feel it) Shamanism is the bridge between ancient ways of seeing and modern challenges put upon us. Quantum physics is now telling 'intellectuals' and the world at large what the ancients and the spiritual adepts always knew....we are all connected and every thing that exists has its own form of consciousness and ability to interact in its own unique way with the whole of creation.

In Shamanism I found my niche, yes, rediscovered would be a far better term to use.

Shamanism Ireland - Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies
I met Martin Duffy at the Fire initiation training. We share a vision to bring back our Celtic pride and awareness of our ancient roots. We acknowledge our Celtic connection and shared beliefs.

Sundoor - School of Transpersonal Education
I have completed my Fire Initiation Training led by Peggy Dylan. Peggy is founder of the Fire walking movement in the West, international teacher and author and renowned authority in the field of personal development. I was guided through an intensive process of spiritual awakening and personal empowerment which opened my heart and mind to a new level of joy and love.

 Sacred Way by Jason Schroeder
Sacred Way Jason Schroeder is an International Tribal Energy Healer, Stone circle Creator, Trainer, Speaker & Youth Worker offering Sacred Workshops, Stone Circle Tours and Sacred Healings... with dedication to healing, discovering and rediscovering our 'self'.