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Sites that offer inspirational wisdom in the form of quotes, stories, affirmations and prayers, self awareness, posititve thinking.

These places are blessings on life's highway. A place to stop and regroup your energies or lift your spirits through tapping in to wise words, uplifting stories or short films that remind us of the beauty and the never ending love that permeates every thing in this amazing universe.

Everything in existence came from the universal pool of the collective unconscious we all share. Allow those who have tapped into it and brought back share it with you.


 Pearls Of Wisdom
Pearls Of Wisdom
Wisdom quotes, inspirational sayings, stories and articles for personal and spiritual growth and self empowerment. Also including Native American & Buddhist Wisdom; Peace & Environment issues; Empowering Women; Eco-friendly Shopping. Soul food for self-growth and inner peace. Diverse philosophies.

 Brennie's Dreamscape & Spiritual Inspirations
Spiritual inspirations including spiritual and love poetry, positive thoughts and affirmations, uplifting quotes, gratitude journal, a dream and sign forum, wishing well and more thought provoking things to inspire and uplift you.

 Enlightened Beings
The Enlightened Beings website contains spiritually enlightening life transformational information that will inspire and empower you to attain life mastery. Instantly download the Super Manifesting Package with 12 Manifesting Meditations to manifest.


Inspirinig Flash Presentations

Duirwaigh Films - A Knock At The Door
Inspirational flash message using images from various visionary artists associated with Duirwaigh Gallery in the making of the film "A Knock At The Door".

Rainbow Bridge (Flash Presentation)
A deeply moving set of images and truths encompassing my total beliefs in what happens to our much loved friends when they leave this world. The love many of us feel for animals is so intense it can hardly be contained. Their leaving leaves SUCH pain in our hearts.........but it is not forever. What joy awaits us.

The Interview With God (Flash Presentation)
Breathtaking photographic images and wonderfully inspiring messages taken from Neale Donald Walsch who is the author of Conversations With God. Something meaningful to ponder on every page. Divine reassurance.

You Are Love (Flash Presentation)
A beautiful and heart warming journey through what it means to live "in love" with the world, one another and especially ourselves. Love is all around us. How blessed are we? Love does indeed "change everything."