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Spiritual Healers, Readers and holistic counselling services - including Reiki, massage, distance healing, dream analysis, crystal therapy, spiritual counselling & guidance, and other holistic modalities - working synergistically to heal mind, body & spirit.

Many of us were born with the task to serve. We each come into the world with a soul gift to share with humanity. It is our life purpose to discover that gift and use it for the good of all (as we are all connected.)

Now that we are becoming more aware that the human being consists of several different energy bodies all interrelating....the real source of dis-ease allows different modalities of healing to be available.

This is the time when medicine is going to be turned on its head...huge changes are ahead and what seems acceptable now will soon no longer be. Drugs are often not the answer. When we take responsibility for our own health we open ourselves up to new avenues of healing which can be very deep, profound and permanent.

Services by Alision Siwek (Stormwolf):

In-Person Consultations - Edinburgh, Scotland
Online Consultations via email
  • Distant Healing
    Working on the emotional, physical & spiritual - using guides, visualisation, crystals, reiki and other modalities as guided.
  • Spiritual Counselling
    Caring supportive guidance and upliftment for any problem.
  • Dream Analysis Readings
    Uncover the messages in your dreams to reveal & heal hidden life issues

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