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Environmental, Humanitarian, Animal Rights


Sites that work to improve environmental sustainability, conservation, animals, forests, oceans, and human rights and humanitarian causes.

When much is given, much is required... The New Age of Enlightenment allows us to be aware of how we have plundered the earth and treated many of its inhabitants unfairly. We can no longer plead ignorance and we now need to accept responsibility as custodians of Mother Earth.


 Animal World USA
Inspiring, encouraging and educating people to understand, love, and protect the animals of our planet.

 Eco Earth - The Environmental Sustainability Source
An information gateway empowering the movement for environmental sustainability, providing full text searches, news, links and more. Some of their projects include: Eco Earth, ClimateArk, WaterConserve,, and Ocean Conserve.

Save The Primates - Helping Primates In Danger of Extinction
Save The Primates
Raising awareness of endangered primates, funds for conservation of primate sanctuary projects such as primate enclosures, education programs, animal rescue. Awareness of issues such as the Bushmeat Trade, the Wildlife Trade, Animal Experimentation and info on Primates Close To Extinction. You can help by making a donation for Chimfunshi Wildlife Sanctuary, or signup to our Save The Primates Newsletter for updates.

 Unahi Mindanao Inc

Non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the largest remaining virgin rainforest in the Philippines and its inhabitants, through its agro-forestry Buffer Zone Project and other initiatives.