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Visionary Artists, Spiritual Music, Inspirational Poetry


Inspirational poets, visionary and new-age artists, and spiritual music artists.

Beauty and truth can be 'downloaded' into this realm through any of the senses. It inspires us to be allowed to share in the myriad ways people are used as channels to enhance our lives through the sharing of their skills and their visions.


Visionary Artists

Awaken Visions
Daniel B. Holeman - domain of insight and inspiration - four visionary art galleries with beautiful visions of dolphins, angels, space, heaven, mandalas and landscapes of the imagination. info on soul transformation, truth, pathwork and spirituality.

 Camilo Villanueva - Visionary Plastic Artist
Camilo Villanueva Visionary Artist

Camilo's graphic representations of the universe are holographic, possessing the information of the totality of the universe, which help bring forth deep spiritual messages of love and unity and find evolution's clues - a door to the cosmos that changes the soul into something different and superior. Camilo's visionary artwork makes visible what is invisible so that we may feel ourselves to be a part of Creation.

Dream Masters - Visionary Art Gallery
Committed to being the World's leading provider of Divine Arts & Entertainment. The Dream Masters are Conscientious Dreamers bridging the seen and unseen worlds as Visionary Pioneers of Evolution. A portion of all sales is tithed to various humanitarian organizations and indigenous peoples.

 Ethereal Art by Marcia Snedecor
Ethereal Art by Marcia Snedecor
Visionary and spiritual oil paintings and art prints inspired by Nature, mythology and the Divine Feminine.


Inspirational Poetry

 Poetry For The Journey
Poetry For The Journey
Passionate, Romantic and Spiritual Poetry for the Journey. Treat yourself to a feast of  truly inspiring, passionate poetry mixed with ancient wisdom. The author, David Stanley Bell is an incredibly talented person in many different fields but has the loving humility of the enlightened. When I read his work and his philosophy I knew I had encountered a kindred spirit. I am so glad to have met him and be able to share our thoughts and poems.


Spiritual Music

Elan Michaels - Spiritual Music of the World
Earth music of peace, tranquility, and spirituality for natural inner healing. Native American and Jazz spiritually inspiring music that reaches into the soul and takes you on a journey throughout North America.