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About Soul Awakening & Alison Stormwolf - Healer, Poet

AlisonAlison Stormwolf, owner of Soul Awakening, is a natural born empath and sensitive, inner visionary, animal  lover and lifelong seeker after truth. 

Since a major spiritual awakening at age eighteen, Alison has predicted that mankind will only become truly empowered in all areas, especially medicine, when we come to view the human body in its 'spiritual totality' as consisting of several different layers (bodies) each one interpenetrating the others and that the soul is completely indestructible. Eastern adepts always knew this and now it is becoming more accepted with the growth of mind, body and spirit books and 'New Age' thinking.

The realisation of what we really are and how we really function will be true liberation.

She is also a healer and poet with a burning passion to empower others by enabling them to see their realities as 'self scripted' and to loosen the constriction of indoctrination in any form. To encourage others to listen to their inner guidance and break out of programmed beliefs.

Indoctrination leads to fear and dis-empowerment, the antithesis of what we came into the world of form to manifest. She adheres to the belief that all we ever need is inside us awaiting re-discovery.

The Mission of Soul Awakening

With this in mind, Alison created Soul Awakening to offer a range of tools and information to assist the journey toward self empowerment, soul growth and healing of mind, body and spirit.


Our Birthright

She fervently believes that we are creators on the leading edge of thought and energy, stunned into submission for too long. Now there is a new world dawning... one that is presently engaged in shaking off old negative vibrations which have held us in fear and bondage to guilt.


Acknowledging and Respect for Kingdoms

She also predicts that the day will soon be upon us when our relationship with other kingdoms (especially the animal kingdom) will make many of today's accepted practices seem medieval in their levels of cruelty. That the indoctrination of separateness had led us down a blind alley of war and destruction, suspicion and misunderstanding of our total place in the whole manifested universe.
To forget our connection to the natural world and so allow the pollution and rape of the Mother Earth's resources etc is to bite the hand that feeds us but worse still, to deny the spiritual aspect and sacredness of our divine connection is to effectively render ourselves as orphans.


Psychiatric illness and energy bodies

Some forms of psychiatric illness also, she believes, can at times be intrinsically linked to imbalance of our subtle bodies and consequent entry into other realms of dimension unrecognised by the medical establishment today. When our quantum reality as energetic force fields is medically accepted, the whole of medicine is going to be turned on its toes! This will result in the mind becoming much more involved.

 It will also put the power back to the people where it belongs.
We shall be enabled to take much more responsibility for our health in a profound level beyond diet exercise etc. We shall harness the power of the mind in a whole new way.

Although Alison trained as a nurse, her interest always remained in the subtle realm of the senses where she believes all illness originates. She was using alternative medicine when it was not available to the general public in the way it is today.


Mystical signposts and verification

Always ahead of her time in thinking, she is now seeing the tentative acceptance of quantum reality and the paths to wholeness. Her search for truth has taken her down many paths and she has had many spiritual awakenings and mystical experiences which have acted as signposts and verification.

She has been acutely aware of the spiritual dimension to reality for most of her life. This has not always been an easy path, and her greatest teachings have always come from life experience, both physical and metaphysical.

Countless experiences of the 'supernatural' taught her that there is no supernatural as such. Only other vibrational realms of being hidden to us mostly by our limited senses. These senses are about to take a quantum leap forward and just as technology is galloping ahead, so too is a massive leap in spiritual awareness now waiting in the wings.

In this she recognizes not only her calling but also her ability to reach out in authentic power and total empathy to those who feel life is too challenging or lacks any real depth of joy.


You can find out more about Alison's personal life journey on her Biography page.


“Our strength and happiness lies
in relation to our connection to source.

It does not matter what you call that divine source….
what matters is we realise we all sprung from it…
carry it in our beings, and most importantly…
can never be severed from it.

The bible tells us
‘In Him we live, move and have our being’

This is TRUTH that all the major religions of the world understand.
There can never be any division…

We are born into magnificence.
We just forgot our birthright somewhere along the way.

Now is the time for Soul Awakening
on a global scale
I envisioned many years ago.”

Alison Storm Wolf